Monday, September 9, 2013

Life is Good!

Hello everyone!
Well, I am still here in Richmond and I still love it! It is kind of crazy how you can fall in love with a city. I love it here and all the uniqueness it has. It is full of all sorts of people and really honestly I have met people from all over the world here. It blows my mind constantly! I have met so many people from the Middle East and honestly most of the time they are the nicest!

My companion and I, Sister Nelson are working hard. We have two people who sincerely seem interested in learning more about the gospel. It is cool when people come to you and really want to know about what we believe. Cool thing too is they both are dating/friends with less active members. Two birds with one stone? Haha, no, but it makes me happy when people really want to know. We also have had some cool meetings with people of other faiths. We both talk about what we believe in. It is so cool to learn so much about other people and their backgrounds. I love hearing testimonies of Jesus Christ from everyone on the street. It is cool to see how much Jesus Christ has done for them and also how much he has done for me. It is cool to compare those and even cooler because they are not from the same exact religion as me. Think about this for a minute. Every single person on the street that you drive down everyday or the people you see in the post office have a story. It is cool that as a missionary we get to hear all those stories. So, everyone who is reading this someday take the time to talk to different people. It doesn't matter if you are doing errands, they can wait, just take the time to really get to know a stranger. It is cool all the things you learn from people like that. This is probably my favorite part of being a missionary. We are required to talk to everyone. It is very intimidating, but very rewarding. I have actually started to enjoy all the time I get to just stop and talk to someone.

I have made so many friends in our ward and I love it! It is so awesome when you go to Church and people want to talk to you. I love that! I love sundays, speaking of Sunday I sang this past Sunday. I sang with my companion and the Training Sisters and two other ward members. I even got to sing the second verse as a duet. I think it turned out nice. It was so fun and it is so cool how calm I have gotten singing in front of people.

We don't do splits with people in the ward, but we do do splits with the Sister training Leaders. They are like Zone Leaders in Female Form. I love them and they are of great help to me and my companion. They are so much fun too, we laugh way to much. I have found that my talent of talking like Marcel the Shell with Shoes on, has really helped me out..hahah, I love it! They think it is so funny and then of course I'm like hellloooo I am funny! Hahah, but really we have a good time together.

I was thinking that the season would be changing, but it hasn't is still so hot...and everyday I just sweat so much and I get so grossed out. Haha, but then again I am kind of grateful for the hot weather because I don't have clothes for the cold yes!

I LOVE IT HERE AND I COULDN'T ASK FOR A BETTER TIME! seriously I get to be awkward everyday and hey I am so good at that. We laugh so much because it is so awkward and that's what makes missionary work fun! Just embracing my awkward side and think everyone loves it...everyone loves me, what can I say? Haha, naww I think it is all in my head, but it does make me feel good about myself. Life is good!

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