Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Change is hard...........but makes us grow

Well Sister R got transferred last week:( We cried a lot, we didn't want to be split up. Sister R went to a new area, she it training and opening it up. She called us yesterday though, she was with J. She moved until she heads on her mission in November. We both screamed!!! I love both of them so much! She will be an awesome trainer! Things really got mixed up in the Richmond Mission last week. There are no more trios of missionaries. The APs are now in our ward. There are a total of 4 companionship's in our ward now.  The training sisters are also in our district, and I LOVE IT!! They help us so much!  I am surrounded by awesome missionaries! I can learn so much from all of them.

The area we cover is huge!!! My companion and I cover three stakes and only teach young adults.  Every transfer we get a ton of travel miles. The other day we drove an hour and a half to meet with a less active man. It was so good!! Our Ward consists of about half students and the other half are just working here in Richmond.  I LOVE the ward I am in!! We have such good relationships with all of them. The more people we meet the more we are getting fed:) No we don't make friends to just get fed! It is a nice bonus though:) I did not imagine in my wildest dreams I would love a ward, or people so much. I have to say I cried about the changes, not for me, but for the ward and the missionaries they were losing. It is amazing how you grow so attached to a group of people and a city. I absolutely love Richmond. There are so many different and amazing people here.

We aren't allowed to go on splits with the ward members unless there is an emergency. When we meet with men we always have to have another female present. So that is kind of interesting. We are glad the students are back and will rely on them a lot for help.It is actually getting fun to talk to complete strangers now! It was so hard for me at first. I mean missionary work is awkward and that is what makes it fun!! It is however interesting when the guys try to talk to you and not about missionary work. But oh well no biggie:) I love what I am doing right now!

We are meeting with a guy names A and he is actually in the military. He lives on Fort Lee. It is pretty cool when we go on Base and kind of scary. They are very serious there. They stopped us for a while and we were freaking out a bit. He is in the Army. Well yesterday he found out he was being deployed to Afghanistan He is showing a brave face however I can tell  he is a little bit scared. I feel for him. It is so cool to meet with people like him. He makes his own guitars and makes his own music. He is awesome!

We have another guy in out ward that is names M. He is from China and has been in America about 8 years, I think. He takes us to dinner every Thursday, I mean real dinner like Cheesecake factory and stuff. He drives a sports car and he is so funny! He always tells us what is going on in the world. It is always fun to be around him. He is one of the funniest people I have ever met!

We have a lot of Medical Students in our ward.  It is so funny. You know how I have that huge birthmark on my arm? Well they always ask me about it.  So funny. They even pull out their Anatomy book to see what is going on. So so funny. I am sure dad will get a kick out of that:)

Well this is going to be a super hard week!! Please to anyone who reads this blog please keep my companion and I in your prayers. It is amazing how we can help others deal with hard things and cry with those we love! It makes the world a lot easier if we help each other. The Lord can really answer our prayers and help us through some tough times. With him we are never ever alone! Most of the times in life the Lord answers our prayers through the service of others. What a blessing to have people around us that listen to the Holy Ghost and act on it! I absolutely Love being a Missionary and have grown so much in every way!! Remember there are miracles everyday just keep an eye out for them. They are everywhere!

I love you all and I am working hard and trying my best to make a difference here. Thanks for all the support!

P.S.- No one has received their Visa's yet! I am a little bit shocked but embrace it! I know I am in Richmond for a reason. I am thankful for this experience on my mission. Everyone needs to hear about Jesus Christ where ever they are:)

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