Monday, August 26, 2013


The week I have dreaded is here. It is transfer week. We will find out tomorrow if any of us will be transferred to another area. I sure hope not! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SERVING HERE IN RICHMOND!! I really love serving in a YSA Ward because they are da bomb. It is so fun to have people around who are my age. They are super supportive of us, I Love That! I have made so many new friends and it kind of makes me regret not getting very involved in my ward at school...I wish I would of gone to ALL of the activities and really tried to get to know people, but oh well! I will do that when I get home! 

The students are back!! The campus is bumping and I am having the time of my life! We had a lemonade stand in the middle of campus the other day and we ran out in 20 minutes....that is a lot of lemonade! There were swarms of people everywhere! We filled up lemonade after lemonade!! It was so fun! It is fun having the students back! There are so many new faces in the ward. The other night we had this thing we called "Girls Night" and we invited people from the ward and investigators to the church to watch "Legacy" and to eat Ice Cream/Popcorn and to paint their nails. It was so fun and it just makes me laugh about how excited I get to watch church movies. One of the things I love about my mission is all the awkward moments that happen. It is awesome to meet all these people from all over the world. I could not be happier and sometimes it makes me wonder why...haha. I mean I am exhausted, but I am so Happy. How does that work? I guess it comes from serving the people around me and serving the Lord. Service is the Key word!

Well two sisters headed to Argentina got their Visas today. They are super excited, but they have been waiting for six or seven months. So crazy! I am just so mixed up with feelings about that.

We are hoping that our teaching pool grows but the last few weeks have been kind of hard. First the students were gone and now the first week is super busy for everyone. We pray that we will be able to teach more next week. In the mean time I am enjoying the experiences I have each day.

Today a miracle happened. We literally had no food and had spent our money for the week. We were a bit worried what we were going to have for lunch and bam. I got a box from home full of goodies. I am learning so much from my companions, I love them very much! We are so unified and were unified from the first moment we were together. We laugh everyday too much and we get along so well! 

It makes me happy that people ask about me and write me. I kind of thought that I would go away and be a little bit forgotten. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR THOUGHTS, PRAYERS, EMAILS AND LETTERS!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY MORE THAN I EVER DREAMED I WOULD! THE LORD HAS TRUELY BLESSED ME! YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS! Til next time, have a great week!

 Ready to clean the church

 Love my companions

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