Monday, August 19, 2013

Richmond Zoo with the whole zone!

Last Monday we went to the Richmond Zoo! I loved it! They had every kind of monkey I am sure. There was a cool place that you could go feed the Giraffes. Sister Nelson fed one from her mouth! Haha. We got into the Zoo for free, evidently a member owns it. We will have to come back on another P-day.

Some crazy miracles happened this week! Well as you know we are teaching a girl names H. She is amazing, she started to investigate because she came to her best friends baptism and started to cry and she didn't understand why she was crying. We first taught her the first week I got here. She would drive down two hours to have lessons each week. Now that is devotion. So we had what we knew would be our last lesson with her on friday night because she is moving to school, six hours away. There is no way she could drive that far for us to teach her. When we first came into the lesson we were not sure how it would go. We had a lesson on the gospel principles and the spirit was so strong. Then Sister Romney felt inclined to leave her alone and let her pray about what she should do. She then told us she needed to be baptized. She felt so strongly that she needed to be baptized. She looked so happy and let me tell you, we were so happy too! Well we were talking about how things would happen. We were joking around and saying we could do it tomorrow!  (this was friday by the way) and she was like YES! It started as a joke ad then turned very serious and asked us if she could really be baptized tomorrow? So, we told her we would see what we could do. It was late night calls to the District Leaders, the Bishop, and the Mission President. The next day was very stressful and we were not sure what was going on, but we were told to meet with her and then have the interview. The Mission President came and talked to her and interviewed her. It was determined that we would wait until she moved. So the Mission President called the Bishop down there where she was moving. It turns out that the Ward she is moving to just finished a 40 days of fasting for the missionaries (40 day and 40 nights; 40 families each day and night taking turns for missionary work). They finished that the day before our Mission President called about H getting baptized down there. Miracles are all around us! They happen everywhere!

Let me tell you a little about where I serve and what my days are like. The YSA ward I serve changes every semester I am told. It is pretty big, which is cool.  We are teaching H of course but she is moving and we a teaching a man from Africa names J. he speaks only French so we teach with a translator which is kind of complicated. But it works:)  Everyday is different which is nice. We start the day off with personal study, then companionship study, Then I do my language study, then training and the we eat lunch. We don't usually get out of the house until 1 pm due to all that. We try to go out and visit with either the less actives, recent converts, or find new investigators. How we find them is through lemonade stands on campus. It is fun to serve people and tell them about the gospel. We also do activities with the ward every week like FHE, institute. Then on friday nights we teach a Book of Mormon class which is really fun! It surprises me how many people actually come...I mean it's a friday night and they come and hangout with the missionaries, how cool is that?! Then we are home either before 9 or at 9:30 depending on what is going on. Last night Sister Romeny and I made up a new game with socks. We call it Siemney. It is basically soccer with socks. We find ourselves doing a lot of things like that, it just makes me laugh. I mean we have to entertain ourselves some way! The other night we watched the Restoration with popcorn. Haha, I just laugh a lot about what we do. It is great!

My testimony has grown so much because on a bad day I can't call my mom. That is hard for me, but I find myself calling on Heavenly Father more frequently. I pray like 2934379847 times a day and that has drawn me closer to him. I have real conversations with him and I love that. I also have been reading the scriptures so much and I am finding I am understanding the stories more and more. I guess I should have paid more attention in Sunday school. I love the scriptures more and more and love what I am learning. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how they really love me and how I feel them close everyday!

Well this coming Sunday are transfer calls and then if we transfer we leave next Thursday! Wish me luck:) Love you all!! Thanks for all the support and if you have time Please email or snail mail me! I would love to hear from you all!!

Love you all
Sister Siepert

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