Monday, August 5, 2013

Richmond is Portland!

We now have nine missionaries in our YSA ward. Six sister and three Elders. It is so fun to have so many of us. We work a lot together and on Thursdays we are doing a lemonade stand at VCU. I love when we do that because is always is very interesting to hear what people have to say about us...haha. I love it though. I guess I didn't realize how many people are not a huge fan of Mormons...haha, but it is all good! You should see the Baptist chruches here! They are HUGE! They are as big as RHS and they are everywhere and lets just say a lot of them do not like us one bit...haha, but whatever, we are working! Mom here are quick answers to your questions:

1. We never get to go to the Temple...kind of sad, but they just split missions so we don't get too.
2. When I mentioned the first two months being the hardest I heard at the MTC that the first two months are the hardest. Especially with the new languages.
3. We teach mostly by referrals. They are the best source because they are the most promising. We do a lot of finding and stuff.
4. No there is not really anything you can do for me and my companions other than Love Us and send us fun stuff!
5. We attend most of the things at the YSA ward. We go to FHE, institute and usually other activities. It is better to go when we have investigators, but it is also good to create good relationships with everyone in the ward.

Let me tell you about this cool thing we went to this week! It is called first friday and it's like a street that they are selling all sorts of things. This includes a lot of art shows. So basically every hipster there ever was shows up. It is so awesome! I swear Richmond is Portland. It is so much like Portland that is kind of blows my mind! It was cool though because like all the missionaries in the downtown area set up two lemonade stands together. There had to be at least 20 missionaries. It was fun talking to all the people. There are some strange people here and it is awesome! Haha, Ryan would really like the scene.

Cool thing my companion Sister Romney knows my cousins Emily and Aubrey! She went to school with them both. Emily has even gone on dates with both of her brothers! Crazy, Huh?

We are still working with J and H, but sad thing is H is leaving for school. She is so awesome and tells us everyday that she reads the Book of Mormon the day is better. I love that! I love that she is so interested in knowing more! She is wonderful, but will be moving. So new missionaries will more than likely take her over. J is still here though! His english is getting better, but he is still looking for a job. People always come to translate for us, which is cool and very very helpful! He has read the whole introduction to the Book of Mormon and had amazing questions. I loved that! He comes to church and loves how nice everyone in the ward is to him! I love that! This ward is so good at fellowshipping! That is why YSA's are awesome! But we are still looking for new will be nice when VCU gets back in. That is coming up and I am super excited for that! It will be booming down here. That is why we have three sets of missionaries, right? Yesterday the man that got baptized the first week I was here got the priesthood. How cool is that!? He was so happy and it was cool to be apart of that! We work a lot with less active and recent converts here. It is so cool to have so many less actives and recent converts to teach! I am super stoked about that!

Well I am having a wonderful time here and I cannot believe today is my second month marker! I feel like it was like just yesterday that I left! Well, I love you all and keep making good choices and keep feeding the missionaries because I sure don't get fed! Haha, but I am becoming cook-ish...haha, love you all! Keep working hard and give referrals to the missionaries! IT HELPS! Love you!

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