Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another week in paradise!

I am in paradise here. There is a road we drive down when we go to meet the district that is over the river and there is green everywhere. It is so beautiful!!!!! It looks just like Oregon and I LOVE THAT! I also drive down a street called Monument Avenue everyday. I don't know if you know what that is, but it is famous. Oh and I got a box today! It made me SO HAPPY! I love getting letters and boxes and guess what?! I got both today! Thanks for all the love!

Let me tell you about my Companions. They are so Awesome! I love them so much! Sister N is from Snowflake Arizona and Sister R is from Salt Lake City Utah. Sister N is so strong and has been out six months. She is 20 and is a cosmetologist!! So cool because I get to have my hair cut for free! Sister R is 21 and kills me. She and I have the same taste in movies and she is so funny! We look like twins with our blonde hair and blue eyes. We really stick out when we go to the downtown church. The church is not that far from campus which is cool, but we only go there for institute and for lessons it is easier for the students.That church kind of freaks me out...because it is downtown. When we pulled in the other day there was a criminal investigator car parked across the street. Yeah that was reassuring!! Haha, but then I realized that the police station was across the street Hahahaha,

Let me tell you about the three people we are teaching right now. We have an investigator names J and he is from Africa. He has been living in America just a short time. He speaks french and so we have someone from our ward come and translate. He is loving it and loves that we were able to give him a French Book of Mormon. He is excited about the ward and loves how everyone is so nice. Then there is S. Well he is from Kuwait and is Muslim. We don't really know if he is trying to convert us or we are trying to convert him. Either way it is super interesting to meet with him. We gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon and he was so excited.! Hahaha, he was so shocked it was in his language and thanked us a million times because he could understand. Haha I don't know what will happen there, but it has been so interesting learning more. Then we have H and she is friends with a girl that got baptized three weeks ago. She became interested because when she came when her friend was confirmed she felt so much love and it actually made her cry. She cried in our first lesson and texts us everyday to tell us her favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. She is the sweetest person and is just falling in love with the gospel it is amazing to watch her. Another cool thing happened this week! There is a recent convert named J! She just had her one year anniversary of being baptized on Sunday and guess what else she did?! She also opened her mission call that day too!! How cool it that?! She is heading to the Salt Lake East Mission in November and is so happy! However she is not sure how she is going to tell her family because they are still heated about her being a member of the church. She loves us missionaries and hangs out with us often! She is amazing and is going to change lives. I wish I had time to talk about everyone I have met, but I can't! We meet with a lot of less active and recent converts. I have heard so many amazing stories here. All the young people here are so faithful and so good. I can't believe Heavenly Father would give me the pleasure of meeting with them.

I love it here and yes my apartment is nice and has air conditioning. The weather here has not been bad. I am a little nervous when winter comes around because it gets really cold here. For example the missionaries don't have lemonade stands they hand out Hot Chocolate. Well I guess I will deal with it when it comes. I practice my Portuguese  everyday, but I feel it going away slowly. Some people in the ward are RMS and so they work with me a little bit. I will keep practicing!

Oh a cool thing! The Washington Redskins are practicing in Richmond right now and three of the football players came to our ward. They were HUGE! One smiled at me during sacrament a couple big deal!  Haha until he saw my name tag and haha he is married! Haha, I don't remember their names, but apparently they are a big deal? Cool, huh?

Thanks for all the prayers and love! I feel it everyday as I get out of bed at 6:30! Keep the faith and spreading the good word! Much love from da hood!:)

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  1. You are so amazing and I miss you soooo much!! I'm so proud of you and all the work that you're doing! <3 Keep going Sister Seipert!