Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Week at the Provo MTC!

Well it is SO HOT HERE! SOOO HOT! Every time I walk outside I want to die! No, not really.Then I think about how hot it is going to be in Brazil. My companions love to workout outside and I love it too, just not when it is 100 degrees out.  I always fight against it but I always give in because I am a little Baby:)  haha

How exciting it is that for all those new missions?! So crazy, right??? I am actually technically on my fifth week. How insane it that?  The language is slowly, but surely coming along. I am getting it, but stupid grammar...stupid stupid grammar! But as a district we can only speak Portuguese during class. Which is basically all day, so that is interesting. We all use a lot of hand signs and stuff. Haha, by the way mom in Portuguese is jut Ma (well with a dash thing over the a) haha.

I hope we get to greet new missionaries this week! That would be so much fun! I love when they all come because my building is right in front of the front entrance of campus.  We see everyone come in. I love seeing all of that and how excited all the young missionaries look. You can always tell who the new sisters are because they are the ones on Thursday and Fridays in the bathroom way early and taking showers and such. Haha, they always look the nicest too. Then as they realize that sometimes sleep is more important, they get over that. It is fun to be the old ladies on campus!

I have a whole month done of my mission already. How crazy it that???? Only 17 more months to go! It has been fun and exciting. The whole visa thing is interesting. We have heard a lot of rumors.There are a lot of missionaries here waiting (A LOT).  We have heard rumors that July is supposed to open up and such, but I don't really know what is true. Honestly I would be fine serving stateside for awhile. The only thing is I would be teaching in English and that would stop my growth a little bit. I would only get to study Portuguese for an hour a day and that would not be enough. But it is amazing how much I know in just one short month.  I can bear my testimony, pray. I can say the First Vision and the missionary purpose. I can understand way more than I can say!It is cool when people on campus come up to you and want to bear their testimonies to you in their language (especially Spanish). I can understand them! Isn't that so awesome?!?!

Sister Sheri Dew came and spoke in our Relief Society on Sunday! I was so excited! She was so awesome and she was soooo wise. one of my favorite quotes she said was, "As you go off into this world wherever you go, you are not going alone." How awesome is that? And that is not only true to us as missionaries, but us as a human race. We are never alone. Even though we may feel alone, the Lord will never leave you alone. He is just waiting for you to call upon him and he will be right there. I have felt that a lot this week.

I am starting to get frustrated more and more with the language because I feel like the people all around me are progressing much faster than me. But serious I think I pray 39748273894723 million time a day. Sometimes I think the Lord is probably like, Sister Siepert really? Haha, just kidding he loves me and is so happy to hear from me! you  too and lets face it, the whole world....just kidding! Something else the Sister Dew taught was that we are going out into the world to heal others. We are going out in this world so that others can know that Jesus Christ and God want to heal our broken hearts. That is something I have learned a lot about this week. I love when we get to do personal study here. Its a time where it is just me and the Lord. You get so much out of life when you read your scriptures everyday. I am so happy after that no matter what. No matter how frustrated I get, I can read the scriptures and its like magic. I feel so much better.

We got to do something cool today. We got to go and help clean the temple. How awesome is that?!?! We were given white scrubs and all of the sisters were sent to the Brides room. We cleaned all the beautiful crystal and chandeliers in there. We cleaned each piece of crystal one at a time. It was so amazing to be apart of that! We feel so blessed because only five districts in the MTC were asked. It was probably the scariest cleaning I have ever done, haha because these are not just crystals they are the Lords Crystals.  haha, but really it was a lot of fun and we had a companionship in there with a group going to the Mesa Arizona Mission. They were so nice and it was nice to talk to them. One of them had a boyfriend who is in the Sao Paulo North mission! He has a maid!  What?!? Haha, she was excited to talk about it and told us so much about it.

My companion Sister Jones and I sang in church on Sunday. IT WAS PROBABLY THE SCARIEST THING EVER. I'm not sure why I said yes, but I knew that if I didn't I would regret it. I was shaking so bad. I was so embarassed....haha, and it went alright except at the end of one of the verses we missed it and it was not a thing we could recover from.....haha and Sister Jones got called up to give a talk! We are past our two week mark, so it had to be all in Portuguese. Before we went to church she told me she really struggled with what to write a talk about so she didn't have anything firmly prepared.  I was terrified for her. When she got called I realized how much I have grown to love her because my heart was aching for her. I wasn't sure how she was going to do it! She did a great job!

I am so excited that Ty is excited about his mission. That is amazing!! It is worth it, but it is hard. It is a lot of trust in God and his will. You just go and work had and God will fill in the rest. Happy 4th of July! I will be watching fireworks on a screen inside the gym!

I sing in the choir every week! I Love It! It is so good to get a break and sing! Our conductor conducted at General Conference a couple of time!  So Cool:)

I heard this really cool quote the other day it says, "obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles." It's true!

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