Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Halfway there (three weeks down three to go)

Well this week started out very interesting.  On Wednesday we got to class and three elders were missing.  There was a flu virus going around. The elders told us that when they walked out of their room and went to the bathroom. There were eight elders laying in a row next to the bathroom. How funny is that?! There were 40 something missionaries sick from the 24 hour flu virus. It was really grosssss....That day we had to clean the bathrooms in our hall......You can imagine how wonderful that was. It was odd though not having those three elders there that day. One of those Elders had been struggling with things and came and said he was going home for awhile,  but he would be back in a few months.  It was really sad. We will miss him a whole lot, but we are proud of him for being courageous enough to do that.  We are all praying for him and crossing our fingers for him. The next day two Elders in our district were sick.  But guess what? None of the sisters got it because girls run the world. Beyonce told me that:) haha We have been working really hard this week and we are trying our hardest.

Sunday was pretty amazing, huh? Want to know what else was amazing? We had only two sacrament meetings here (with all the missionaries) they served all of us the sacrament. Do you realize how amazing that was? I was impressed! Then the broadcast. Oh my gosh! So amazing! It was a long day of practicing and we weren't sure if we would get to sing because there was a limited amount of room, but luckily we did. It was so cool to sing with a huge group of missionaries for the General Authorities. my favorite part was that they walked in and immediately waved to all of us missionaries. I LOVED THAT! I wasn't shown but I could show you where I was.  Haha, I am near the top. No big deal "I am just the face of the church now!" Haha! It was so amazing to be in the same room as them and to hear them talk about us (missionaries). I wish the Prophet would have been there, But I heard he was sick. I heard he left the New Mission President meeting because he was sick. I hope he didn't get what we had here because it was nasty... It has been cool to be here at the MTC because there are New Mission Presidents everywhere. There is security everywhere too. I am pretty sure that I saw President Uchdorf walk up to the building. So half of campus has been shut off to missionaries and we have been eating in the gym, which I actually like better because there isn't a huge amount to choose from, and that is okay with me. I think I am finally losing weight, which makes me happy! 

For exercise we go outside to the field for 50 minutes a day.  How nice is that?! We also have two gyms! I usually go outside and either run/walk or play badmitten. Which is my favorite thing to do! I have fun during gym time and it pretty much saves my life.  I wish we had a little more time, but that's okay. We usually go back 10 minutes early so that we can shower because here we have literally 30 minutes to get ready. I don't think I have ever gotten ready in 30 minutes. I am becoming a speed racer!

The language is coming slowly. This week has been very interesting. I have been working really hard, but I feel I am stuck at one level. I am doing my best and am trying to move along, but it is so hard. I am working hard to add new vocab words to my vocabulary everyday. I will keep trucking along and learn more and more.

I haven't heard anything about my visa yet and don't expect to hear anything anytime soon. Which is totally OK with me...for now. We have been hearing that there is some stuff going on in Brazil right now. So I am glad to be right here for now.

My testimony has grown, but has also been tested a bit.  This last week we were teaching our lesson to our investigator and I bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and how it has affected my life. I bore my soul out to him and asked hin to read it and he said "no." He flat out said "no." It was really hard for me to cope with that. I was pretty upset about that because it kind of broke my heart, but I guess that is how life is. You don't convert people, God does.

On a funny note. last week my companions and I realized that we have been washing our clothes in fabric softener....not detergent.....One of the Elders told us that.  He is 24  and so wise.  I call him Dad because he is so old. Well this place is getting better and better. Tomorrow will be my half way point and I am more than excited! Today the district leaders and the coordinating sisters that were here when we got here left for Portugal! How crazy is that? When we came here they were half way and now they are gone! It really happens! You really leave this place:)

"Missionary work is easy, It's like teaching primary to your best friend"- katies Teacher:)

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