Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heading out to Virginia tomorrow!

Bom Dia! Can you believe this girl is headed to Virginia in 24 hours? Not me!
Good news! Yesterday five people in our building got Visas! All of them being people who came after us and one of them was from the San Francisco consulate! Also I got an e-mail from Salt Lake about my visa. So this brings me hope! It is crazy this next week our ward is getting three new districts all waiting for Visas to Brazil! Sooo I am thinking Heavenly Father must have some kind of plan for this. Anyways, can I first tell you how awful it has been to be the last ones leaving.....I have seen all of my wonderful District leave and I have cried a million times this week about it because I am a Turner and for some reason the Turner has really been brought out of me. Haha, but really I had a wonderful District full of people that I love so much. I am glad I got to spend six weeks with them. That has been my favorite part! We got so close because we only spent very few hours apart. It has been quite an adventure here and I am sad that it is over, but excited to get into the real world with real FOOD!!!!! Ahh, I told my Sisters, "Tomorrow, I am going to buy a freakin' Dr. Pepper and I am going to be the happiest person on this earth!" Haha, also other good news I did not gain a single pound  in the MTC. I have actually lost three. How awesome is that?????

Let me tell you a cool experience that I had this last week. So one night we had a combined class with the new-be's. We were to teach them how to plan a lesson and also we were to teach with them. Sister Vance and I were together with one sister. She was shy and was very nervous we could tell. We then were combined with another group and we taught. As we taught she was shaking so much and actually started crying. It was heartbreaking, but after our lesson Sister Vance, Me and Elder Jones gave this sister and an Elder a pep talk. We bore our testimonies about the MTC and how hard the first week was. We bore our testimonies how we can always rely on Christ. It was so cool to see how far I really have come with the language. I really have progressed and that is amazing to me. That reminds me, today I got an e-mail from my Mission President in Brazil and it was all in Portuguese, but guess what?!?! I understood it! How awesome is that?????

By the way I just wanted to let you know that I will be calling very early in the morning. I will be calling from Salt Lake because I do not know if I will have time in Georgia. So that might be around 4 or 5 in the morning. I figured everyone will be home, right? Haha, and I am so excited to talk to you, hopefully I will be able to figure the phone thing out...no worries I will! Man, I am really going to miss my district. They are all going all over the place Minnesota, Tennessee, Arizona, Washington, California, New Mexico (Austin's Mission), Colorado, Idaho and Virginia! How awesome is that?! The only sad thing is more than half of my district is in my Brazil Mission, so i don't think I am allowed to email the Elders:( But, hey I will see them down in Brazil!! I am super excited to get down there. I have this feeling it will come fast. Sooo, Sorry this e-mail is not as exciting as usual, but hey I just e-mailed you not to long ago. I am so excited to get out of here. I wish I could tell you everything that is going on. I am sending a box today. It may have some letters in it that I want you to save and such because I am nervous about packing. We just finished all our laundry, but here comes the hard part. Getting it to all fit! man, I am so excited,nervous to get out there.

I got a blessing last week from the District President here. It was so special because a lot of the Elders from my District were in on it. I feel so much peace. This gospel brings so much peace. I am excited to hear real music again and my companions were always impressed how they could say anything and I could think of a song. Well let me close this e-mail with a quote my teacher said to me.

"No one knows how much confidence you have, so take as much as you want!"

I love this. It is true. The mission requires a lot of change. I am changing so fast! I am growing up and realizing what I want in life. Missions are wonderful and I am very excited to get going! Thanks for all of the love and it sounds weird, but here I feel closer to you all then I have ever before! I pray for you often! I Love You:)
Sister Siepert

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