Sunday, August 18, 2013

Third Transfers are coming soon! Yikes!

Today our zone is going to the Zoo!!!! I am so excited!! I have been holding in my excitement, except last night I lost it and went crazy...haha, but it's okay because my companions love me so much! haha

I am so jealous you are all together for Eric graduation. Congrats to Eric! It is fun that you get to be around them especially kaylee and Colton! Have fun with them and give them lots of kisses from me! I bet Eric and Megan are excited to be moving on, but somewhat sad. It is sad to leave places you have grown to love. Like I am dreading that transfers are coming...they are coming so soon! AHHH! Can you believe that I am going on my third transfer?!?! I only have 12 transfers my whole life is so unreal right now! I hope I stay in this area (well unless I get to Brazil!) because I just am now getting to know everyone in this ward! And guess what?! I think they like me!

We had a wonderful sacrament meeting yesterday! There is this samoan boy in our ward named J and he spoke. He spoke on missionary work and how members need to help. He got home from his mission almost a year ago in California! He and his sister J took us out to dinner this past week (to Olive Garden I might add!!!), but anyways he spoke and it was amazing.! Then he said well, I know this is weird, but I would love to share one of my favorites songs. So his sister came up and played the piano and he sang. He sang a song about promising people in the pre existence that we would find them and find his lost sheep. I don't think a single person was not crying. It was so cool, the spirit was so strong! I love them both, but I think they are leaving soon:( She is in the Army and he is just here to support her. They are incredible! This morning I read Alma 5. Read it! It is so good kind of makes you reevaluate your life. I can't believe Ty is doing a baptism!! What the heck! That is so awesome!! How crazy! I never thought really about missionary work until I was a missionary and I didn't realize how few baptisms we had in our ward...weird, I am so glad it is rising!

Well this has been a weird week. Number wise our numbers were bad because literally everyone canceled on us! Also the summer semester is done at VCU so a lot of the students are gone. The next two weeks should bring a lot of new students to campus and our ward! I can't wait! We really really tried and hope next week is better. I still love my companions so much! They are wonderful! We get a long so well and we really know how to have joy while working. We all have different talents that work well together. I am also becoming braver and braver. We do this thing called "walk and talk" where we got out and just hand out cards and such and I am handing out more and more! I am less afraid! I mean these people may not agree, by why not. I have really learned to follow promptings and the importance of following them. When you follow them more and more. Life is good and we just keep pushing a long! I am happy to be here! I am praying that my visa comes, but I am also praying that it doesn't...haha, it is the weirdest feeling!

One of the sisters in serving in our ward is a Temple Square Missionary and is from the Philippines. I love her with all my heart! She is so little and has an awesome accent! She made us good food from her country. We have planned a trip together. We are going to meet in Singapore and go to Dubai and then India, and then to her home island.  We planned it all out!

Something I learned this week! When we struggle in life all we have to do is ask our Heavenly Father. He and Jesus Christ are there just waiting for us to ask. It is hard to do but when we ask they will lift our burdens. They are just waiting for us!!

Well love you all! Ya'll have a blessed day! (they always say that here and I love it!)

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