Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Happy late Thanksgiving! I had a really great one and some REALLY good food! We ate lunch at this family's house names the M and that was fun to be with all of them. They are full of energy and loud! They have a daughter who is a year older than me and she knows like everyone in the YSA ward. So we talked about that for a long time! We hung out there for a while and listened to Christmas music. It was fun! Then we went to an investigator/part-member family house. Fun fact: They are from Oregon and his parents are from Tigard and they were there visiting. So that was cool to be with them and their cute 2 kids for Thanksgiving. Then we went home and did some planning. I honestly was not homesick all day...I impressed myself! But like everyone in the ward invited us over for Thanksgiving, so we felt very loved. we obviously didn't make it to all of them, but it was cool that they took the time to invite us! So Thanksgiving was fun! It was also so fun to see Megan and Eric. We had a good time and ate at this little place that was..alright. Haha, but it was really fun to be with them and a little weird too. I was surprised that it didn't make me homesick at made me work harder and that day we worked almost the hardest that we have ever. So that was fun!

Here are some answers to some of your questions (mom's questions)
1. I have been out longer than my companion. my companion just finished training so she have been out for three months and I have almost been out six! I can't believe it is six months....I think she might be senior companion because this is the third transfer she has been here soooo...but we really have no idea.
2. We email every week from the Goochland library.
3. My companion drives because she knows the area better, which is a little scary sometimes...haha. We always laugh because she tries to multi-task while she drives and that just doesn't work. But most of the time is okay!
4. There are a few members out here. We feel bad for them though because it is like 30 minutes to get to church for a lot of them, so there are a ton less-active families out here. If we can get more priesthood members out here we can start a branch. So we are trying to work really hard!

I have been out six months on Thursday! Can you believe it?! I can't! It started out slow and now is speeding up! 23 more days til Christmas! When we skype on Christmas I will be getting close to seven months and that blows my mind. I can't believe that it is Christmas time will be proud to hear that we have a puzzle table in our apartment and during lunch and at night we try to put it together! I told my companion all about that tradition and I wanted to keep it. So we did! Our house looks cute with that little christmas tree and another 4 foot Christmas tree that a member gave us. Also the foam nativity scene is sweet too! I love this time of year and people here get really into it. Earlier this week we helped a member set up her Christmas tree and that was fun because it was huge!

Cool story: So this week I was asked to train (or speak) in zone meeting. I was sooo scared because I am new to this zone and that is kind of a lot of missionaries who are a little more experienced than me, but I was asked to train on the daily schedule in the white handbook. I read some sweet scriptures about not wasting time here on our missions and how Heavenly Father is molding us faster on our missions than anywhere else. After giving that talk I decided that I would try even harder to live EXACTLY the daily schedule. I wasn't doing anything wrong, but decided that I would try it. So the next day I did everything exactly how it is said in the daily schedule and later that day we were going to see a less-active. We went and saw her and the coolest thing happened! Her brother was in town and he is not a member. He has been through a lot in his life and she had tried in the past to talk about the church with him. So we tried and he accepted the Book of Mormon. It was way cool! He doesn't live here, but it was a miracle that came from exact obedience. Cool, huh?

Another cool story: There is an Elder in my new zone from BRAZIL! I make him speak to me and it is so cool!

Haha, well I love it so far here and we are trying our hardest to get this area working. It is sweet to see how much the Lord blesses us and how much we need him in our lives!

The church is true and the book is blue!
Have a great week! Love you!
-Sister Siepert

I love being a missionary at Christmas!
 Interesting That there is a Baptist Chinese Church in Rural Virginia.
 Look mom I am doing a puzzle at Christmas:) Keeping the tradition alive!

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