Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from Goochland!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I can't believe my cousin Annie is married and I also can't believe two of my friends from BYUI are engaged. I can't believe it! That blows my mind, but also makes me very Happy! Who am I going to hangout with when I get home?!?!

I AM SO EXCITED TO SKYPE HOME ON CHRISTMAS!! It is kind of funny because the other day I was thinking about the beginning of my mission and always telling myself that I had to make it to Christmas and then I would be okay. Haha, guess what? It's here!! I can't believe that the transfer is almost over? Where has the time gone? I feel like I wake up and it's Monday and then the next thing I know it is Sunday! Haha, and I feel like I sleep for like 5 minutes and then wake up. I am exhausted! That's a good thing though because I would much rather be exhausted than know I didn't try my hardest. It is exhausting for me to talk to so many people. I think I am getting better at it, so that is cool. It will really help me when I go back to college:)

So this is the plans for Christmas! We will do our regular study time in the morning and then we will open presents:)  We have been given a ton of them and that makes me super pumped! Then we are having breakfast at some members home and then lunch at another home. We are going to be skyping from there. Soo I don't know if that interferes with your plans...but I am more important! haha. I will be skyping around 1:30-2 your time! I get to text you Christmas Eve to give you exact times:) The rest of the day we will visit other people. We have been invited to drop by ahead of time. It will be a great day! I mean I miss you all a lot, but i have to say Christmas on a mission is da bomb dignity. I love it! I feel like this year I actually am having Christmas more centered on Jesus Christ. 

The weather here has been soooooo nice. SO NICE! Two days ago it was 75 degrees and I was sweating. But now it is raining and the weather is dropping, so that is not all that nice. No snow for Christmas and that is okay with me!!! 

I am so glad to hear that Ty is finishing his Eagle Scout Project. I know it has been a long process but then he can say he is an Eagle scout, SWEEET!

Mission Conference was probably my favorite part about this last week!!! I LOVED IT!! It was full of musical numbers and spiritual thoughts. Then we had lunch together and had more musical and spiritual thoughts. It was so cool. Oh, best part! We sang the EFY medley and all cried like babies. It was so cool to sing that together and to see how many Sisters and how many Elders there are in this mission. It was such a powerful spiritual experience. I got to see Sister Bunnell!! It was so nice to talk to her. We cried when we saw each other. We are embarrassing...but yes, I love her!! She told me all about the Chippenham ward. That was so sweet!!

This week has been super sweet. We heart attacked one of our investigators. She had been super busy and it was hard to meet with her. Later that night she texted is and thanked us sooo much and said she really needed that. She invited us over the next day and it was so great! We taught her the restoration with her two kids and it was really awesome!We asked her to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and then the witnesses too!! three house later she texted us and said she was done with her homework. Solid right!!! She is so awesome and we are very excited for her:)!

I guess I will talk to you soon!!
Love you,
-Sister Siepert :)
 Another Day in the Gooch!
 Me in my Christmas Sweater!
Look who I ran into:)

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