Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter from the Gooch!

Hello Everyone!!!


We helped at the retirement/rehab center this week. I love volunteering there so much. It is so fun to go there because they recognize me and that makes me so happy! We helped hide eggs for an Easter Egg hunt this week. We then sat back and waited for the little kids to show up. It was so sad because not one child showed up to hunt for eggs. Kind of awkward:( I however had a great time sitting and waiting and talking to the cute residents that live there. I have been officially adopted by an older couple there. Their names are Hazel and Bill. She is 84-ish and he is almost 90. She doesn't act 84 at all, her husband has really bad memory problems (I can't remember the medical name for it). It makes me so sad because he just pushes her around in her wheel chair. He only knows her, but doesn't recognize anyone else. But they said that they would adopt me because their daughter died not to long ago:(. I love that place, but sometimes it makes me really sad because their families never come to see them. Some are blessed with great families, but most of them are just there alone and will die there alone. Breaks my heart:( I love being there with them. It has to be one of my favorite parts of the week. They all think it is hilarious when Sister Rushton and I start dancing:). In fact, I started to dance and some old man started to rap. Hahaha, I have a lot of fun stories from from that place:)

Well we had a three hour lesson this week. A new record for me!!! I have learned that some people love the "Plan of Salvation" and some do not. I have to say she was one of the nicest Bible Bashers I have met. It was actually interesting because she kept contradicting herself….nope it didn't shake my testimony. I love her, but we may have to drop her soon which makes me sad. She just isn't moving forward and tries to pull us back. Breaks my heart but we may have to step back:)

We participated in the Ward Talent show this week. We were asked to do a song doing the cup thing (kind of like the cup song from pitch perfect). It was really fun and a couple of the Boys from the ward that live out here in Goochland helped us. It's interesting that most of the kids in our ward that live out here are home schooled. Almost everyone. I haven't been around that very much in my life. We sang "Nearer my God" while doing the cup thing. I actually sang the second Verse in Portuguese. Yep, that is the most Portuguese I have used on my missions so far! Haha! It was such a good night a Couple from the ward took us and we had dinner before and Ice cream after with them!! They are the best! They actually fed us twice this week! We live so far out we just don't get fed very often so every dinner appointment is so appreciated! We survive but it is a bit hard on our small weekly money allotment:) Roger and Belynda take good care of us. I love them a whole lot! The people of Goodchland are really good people. I am really enjoying the country life! However I am getting a little skeptical that there are people here that are being prepared to be taught. I just need to have faith that they are here………somewhere! Haha

I was just thinking that Mothers Day is just a month away!! I get to call home!!! I am not excited at all or anything…..YEAH RIGHT!!!! I am so stoked!! I could still be here in Goochland or I could be off to a new area! Who knows?:) Or I could be in Brazil, I guess!! Sometimes I forget that is my final destination….well, maybe.

We have interviews with President Wilson this week. I am so excited for those! I Love President and Sister Wilson so much. They help me in so many ways.. Oh we found out who is coming to our mission. Elder Bednar is coming in May to talk to our mission and also the Chesapeake mission. We get to meet together with the other mission. I am super excited! 

We are all so blessed because of HIM… I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints because of HIM!!! We all have Easter because of HIM. Please watch this because of HIM:) I love my savior Jesus Christ!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and a beautiful Easter,
Sister Siepert

A member of our ward had pigs. 

This pig is named after me:) Isn't she cute????

Ok, who knew that Virginia had huge spiders, huge lizards and snakes? I thought that only happened in places like Mexico:) Think about it two Sister Missionaries in the country with spiders, snakes and lizards! We may or may not shriek from time to time!

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