Monday, November 3, 2014

Greetings from beautiful Virginia


 It has been such a good week! even though I am still sick....yeah, coughing my lungs out. I hope it will end soon! I am sure it will:)

Well funny story to start my email this week. We were out tracting last Monday at like 6:30 pm and it was getting a little dark. We talked with this lady for about a half hour at her house. She was not interested, but told us all about her Jewish faith and it was very interesting. By the time we left it was pitch black out. As we were leaving she told us about her neighbors spotting wolves and a fox with rabies. That was very comforting since she lives at the end of a very long driveway and of course we walked all the way up to her house. So we stood there like 20 minutes taking a few steps then running back. Remember a couple weeks ago we were chased by coyotes. We tried to sing a Hymn and pray....yeah, we were just so scared, so we call the B family and asked them to tell us a funny story as we walked down this long winding driveway. We have Sister B on speaker phone and we get halfway down and just ran like crazy! So then of course Sister B meets us somewhere just to give us a hug. Haha, it was pretty funny...I just love the B's. I would love to come back and visit them someday after my mission! They are the greatest! Sister Bennet and I have been really good at embarrassing ourselves lately, but whatever!

We have such a great investigator named B. She is so golden and doing so good. We had two lessons with her this week. One of them we came in and she was like I need to show you a scripture I really love. (one of the scriptures we assigned for her to read). She pulled it out and explained all about how this was how she felt and how she knew that God was going to help her with her Word of Wisdom problems. So awesome! Then we also did a church tour with her. She has really bad anxiety, so leaving her house is hard for her. We ended the tour in the chapel. You could really see the calmness that she felt. Sad part of the story is that she didn't come to church :( Her anxiety just held her back. please pray for her. We want to see her tonight and adjust her baptism date.

Wednesday was Trunk or Treat! That was soooo fun! We had a really good turnout and someone that we had tracted into and invited the week came with her daughter! So cool! We didn't really expect that to happen, but it did and the members were so great and invited her to church. Soooo cool! Hopefully we can start teaching she and her family soon! I have a lot fun trunk or treat pictures to send soon.

Thursday was fun because we helped a less active set up a haunted house in their home. It was super creepy but super fun.  I will send pictures of that soon too! On Halloween we were on exchanges and we were able to stay out til 9.  We weren't allowed to tract after dark. We went and saw some less actives and did service for the family with the Haunted house. It was just a fun day! I am grateful for exchanges because I really learn a lot from Sister Taylor and we had a really fun time together. We will finish our missions together and it was fun to talk about that! It was just a good holiday for me.

Church was kind of crazy yesterday...we were walking to Gospel Principles a little late and one of the primary workers comes out really frantic and asked us to go help in nursery, so we did. It was really fun, but heart goes out to the people who have that calling......haha, but the kids really loved us and they always love the missionaries, so that was fun.

Do you realize that yesterday was my last Fast Sunday as a missionary? Of course I bore my testimony because one of the recent converts asked me to push her wheel chair up to the stand....haha, but it was really cool. I just love bearing my testimony! I talked all about how much is possible because of Jesus Christ and about the power of repentance. I also talked about how many people in the world need the Gospel. We need to do Missionary work because people need the peace and joy that comes from the Gospel. It reminded me that we do missionary work not for numbers but we do it for the love of people. It is simple. We had dinner at a members home after church. Their parents were visiting and his dad happened to be a former Mission President in India and Nepal. I just love Mission Presidents! He knew the guy from the movie "Meet the Mormons" So Cool!

So this week I got a letter from the Mission Office telling me about my departure weird! It kind of freaked me out:) In the letter it told me that I get to go to the Temple on the 25th! I am so excited! I will be sending a box home soon. Watch for it next week!

Well I love you so much! It has been a good week and I know that the weeks to follow will be just as great! :) I plan on working hard everyday until I come home! It is coming fast but I will put my head down and finish strong:)

-Sister Siepert :)

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