Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall is here!

***Note from Katie's mom- So sorry I am way behind. I have decided to let Katie catch up what I missed when she gets home December 3rd****


I got an email from Ty and he sounds so happy!! That makes me so happy that he is happy! I am so proud that he is a District Leader. That is so cool! What I really can't believe is that he leaves for Canada tomorrow! Good for him!

This week has been good. Lots of finding and searching for those who are ready to receive the gospel. It has been tough with not finding people after we have tried so hard. We have been tracting more than I have my whole mission. I am actually starting to get good at it. I have finally realized that if we are happy and nice and invite and people reject us, that is okay because I know that I was doing what I am supposed to do.

We did have a cool experience with a less active 11 year old girl this week though. She had told us a while ago that she had a friend that she wanted us to go meet and that she wanted to introduce us. we have been trying for like a month to get that all worked out so that we could go,  well on Friday we went by and she actually could go, so we walked to her friends house and met her mom. We set an appointment to go back this Friday, so hopefully it all works out! But when we were walking back to her house a man was outside and we went and talked to him for a bit, he wasn't interested, but he told us to go see some people and so we did. They weren't interested, but D really enjoyed it and she was telling us to go to this and that house and such. We tracted with her and she loved it! She came to church this last Sunday (YAY!) and came up to us and asked us when we could go see some more of her neighbors. It was sooo cool! We are going with her again later this week! So despite the fact that we didn't get to teach anyone it was still really cool for her to experience! :)

We had a Sisters meeting this week and that was really fun to go down to Richmond. The theme of the meeting was the Young Women's Theme and we had classes on all the Values. I loved it! The only weird thing was that I am one of the older Sisters now. All the Sisters that I have been so close with are going home or are home now. It was so odd....but I loved the meeting!

We had dinner with a family this week that had a son just get back from his mission to Brazil. It was really fun to talk to him about Brazil since that is were I was originally assigned. I hope I can go there someday to check it out myself. It is so awkward to talk to returned missionaries of the opposite sex. I guess I better get used to it soon I will have to do it all the time. He is really great and wants to help us out. We are grateful for his help.

We met with a less active and his wife this week. They raise show cats. The cat shows are just like Dog shows. Who knew there was such a thing. If you know me very well, you know how much I loved this! He is also a Ballroom dancer and is really good. So that was so fun for me. We got to share a message with them. The spirit was so strong. We know they felt it but didn't say anything. I guess all I can say is it made us sad that they didn't say anything but we know they felt it.

It is starting to cool down now and that is really nice! I love fall here in the east! I am also really excited for the mosquitoes to go away.....I have so many bites and they itch like crazy! my legs look like a mess with welts all over them....haha

This week I have been really reflecting on my mission and all that has happened. I got a little discouraged. I haven't had as much success as I have prayed for and worked for. I haven't seen as much success bringing less actives back as I would like. It is really hard to watch missionaries having tons of baptisms and going to the Temple with less actives. One day I just kind of cried to my companion about it and then I realized that the Lord created my mission just the way that I needed to learn. He knew that I would have the trials I have had on my mission and he created those specially for me to learn and to grow. It has been a tough 15 or so months, but I am grateful that I had to go through them because as I did I became to really know my Savior and to really understand the power of the Atonement. He has never left my side and is always going to be there no matter how hard or dark the situation. He has knocked on every door with me. He has felt the pains of anxiety with me. He has felt the pains and darkness of depression with me. He knows how it is to work so hard all day and have nothing to show for it except my dirty shoes and my worn out body. He knows! As I get closer to the end I am sad to leave and sad to take my name tag off, but I am also so proud to say that I have really tried my best and I have really changed. I have grown a testimony. I have really become a disciple of Christ.

I am happy to be here! I love the people in Virginia! I feel the time to come home is coming soon and I am excited about that too, because seriously I am exhausted! I am determined to endure and work hard to the end! I love you all and thank you so much for being great examples in my life!

Have a great week!

I love you,
-Sister Siepert :)

My amazing Companion Sister Bennett

My Trainer Sister Nelson just before she went home! I love her so much!

These are the crazy girls I live with! One of them just transfered:( 

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