Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Transfer week!


Mom thanks for sharing my story in Young Women's on Sunday about the lady last week that invited us in and yelled at us and our reaction. It is so funny how moments like those just are forgotten and the really good stuff are remembered. Heavenly Father is cool like that. Can you believe next week I hit my 14 month mark. Crazy how fast time is flying!

Oh, by the way I a STAYING in the Woodbridge Ward! I am so happy to stay here for another six weeks! I will be here until Ty leaves on his Mission. Do you realize that is really only a transfer away for him!? All four of us are staying and we are happy about that. I love the Sisters in our house, so it will be fun and crazy to have us all stay! :)

This week has not been all that exciting. We are just working on keeping the people that we are working with excited about the gospel. The R family are doing so great! We had a lesson with them on faith and they loved that. Their 17 year old went to mutual this week where they had a whip cream fight and she had a lot of fun. We got to be there and introduce her to lots of people. I think she really likes the youth programs of the church. We had a lesson with them on Wednesday.  Then they went to the Ward Swimming Party! That was really fun! We went for a little bit because I mean it is kind of awkward for us to go to a swimming party. To top off a great week with them two of the kids went to church on Sunday! They read the Book of Mormon this week too! They are progressing and August 30th is getting closer and closer! I really, really pray that I get to be apart of their Baptism! It is so cool when you have investigators, they like become a part of you. I mean I just love them so much that when they are alone at an activity or something it makes me soooo sad. They are almost like my children…..weird as that sound, but I just love them so much and I know that this gospel will bless them and their family. :)

One sad thing happened this week J said he doesn't want to meet with us anymore:( I think the talk last week kind of freaked him out. I literally wanted to cry when I heard that, but we just know he will come around. Maybe it was something he needed to hear? Who knows, but God. There is a plan and a purpose we met him and maybe soon he will come around. We don't really have any other really solid investigators in the works right now….we are in the process of finding them.

We have an appointment tonight with a cute young family. We met them a couple of weeks ago. We invited them to the ward swimming party and the were like "yeah, we were invited already!" So come to find out they are friends with someone in our ward! They came to the party! They also live across the street from a less active family we are working with currently. So crazy huh? We are so excited to meet with them. They also have triplets girls. They are so cute. We are praying that it goes well and the spirit is there. Also the less active across the street from them that came to church on Sunday! They even stayed all 3 hours! Their kids hate us because we talk about God and stuff and act like they aren't interested at all. They however are going though lots of hard stuff. Their parents are divorced and their mom is currently not living the gospel standards at all. They get a lot of mixed messages, but their step mom really wants them to have the gospel in their lives. That way they can choose what they believe in. She is also talking about going to the Temple, so I hope she does and I hope she invites us so we can go through with her. :) We only get to go when people we are working with go through for the first time since it is out of our mission. We will see what happens there.

 Miracles are happening all over the place. We are trying our best to be obedient and to do the Lords work the way He wants it to be done and it is working out here. People are popping up and we are teaching more with the spirit. I have learned so much from Sister Bennett. She is a bomb missionary! She just works until she can't work anymore. She is helping to push me beyond what I thought was possible. We are doing so good together and I m trying my best to make it fun along the way! I make the fun and she makes us go-go-go, haha. I feel so blessed that we are staying together another transfer! I will learn soooo much more!

Love you so much! Thanks for all the prayers I can really feel them and I really have needed them! :)

-Sister Siepert

Well I think I am going to cut off my long hair this week. I wasn't going to cut it while I was on my Mission, but the heat and humidity is killing me! I may have a new look next week! We will see! :)

 Nothing like a BBQ in the summer!

 Pineapple party at night!

 Sister Bennett walking a bunny! Haha

My District!

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