Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Transfers 6/23/14

So this week has been really great!

Monday: My companion literally packed all day…haha, she has so much stuff. I am not sure how she fit it all., but she did. I think the Lord blesses missionaries with hat because that happened to me too!! haha, she was sad, but mostly excited to start somewhere fresh.

Tuesday: Sister Taylor and I dropped off Sister Webber and Sister Christensen in the morning at the church and then they went down to transfer meeting in Richmond together. We don't all go, just the people who are being transferred and if you live close  then you can go. But, it was a really fun day because Sister Taylor and I got to be companions for the day! It was wayyyyy fun because I just love her a lot! I just put something interesting together the other day: Sister Taylor and my sister Megan are the same age……hahaha, how crazy is that? I love her so much, she is hilarious. So that day we did a ton, A TON, of cleaning because our house really needed it! We didn't want our new companions to come into a dirty house. Then at 5 that night we went and picked up our new companions. My new companion is Sister Bennet and she us from…..guess…..Utah! Surprise! She is so sweet and actually came out with me, but is a transfer behind me because I was in the MTC learning Portuguese for 6 weeks. So that's kind of cool!

Wednesday: We just went around and met people and stuff. Nothing to exciting:)

Thursday: We did a ton of cleaning out our area book because it was a mess…but we got it all cleaned out Hallelujah!!! We also contacted a lot of referrals from our blitz that we had a week ago. Nothing really came from it….but we did meet an older woman named Mary that is sweet!  She can't meet for 2 weeks because she has family coming to town.

Friday: We didn't have to much going on this day other  than we met with a lady named Christina who had been really hard to connect with. She is super busy. We had a great conversation with her. She asked us why we believed in our church and stuff and said she would read the Book of Mormon! I tell you Sister Bennet is a miracle! Christina loved her and loved everything she had to say! It was really cool!

Saturday: we went and helped Pappy and Sue in their wood shop and that was really fun as always. They asked what they would have to be members. They are former investigators. We then had a member go with us to meet with another investigator. We got there and there was a sign on her door. it wait "sorry I can't meet with you anymore, but you are both so sweet." Then she left us a bag of presents. She put some cool Virginia souvenirs and wrote both of us a little note. Then she enclosed $50 dollars. $50 Dollars! Who does that? That was the nicest drop we have ever had:) We tried and tried to meet up with her to return the money. Come to find out she moved, so we could give it back. The member that went with us felt really bad. She took us to Chpolte for lunch. Then that night we had Stake Conference and guess who spoke? Sister Bunnell the missionary I trained. She did great:)

Sunday: It was Stake Conference, it was great and crazy! I love this Stake because it is so diverse! There are Africans, Hispanics and basically every ethnicity. It is so cool! I love this Stake! We had a Young Woman come out with us that night and it was a really good day!

This week was good and the new Sister have brought a fresh, new spirit into the house. We are really starting to work hard, which is so great! I am so happy with transfers and I am so happy with the area! I love you guys  a lot! Have a great week!

-Sister Siepert

Sister Bennet and Sister Siepert

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