Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Fathers Day! 6/16/14

This is Katie's mom. Sorry I am about a month behind. I will try to catch up…….

I have had quite a week to tell you about. Full of funny stories and MIRACLES! Yay! It has been really good week! :)

Monday: We came and emailed and did all the things we have to do and then a person we are working with took us to this sweet SWEET grocery store. It is the biggest store I have ever seen! I literally could live there and be happy forever. It is called Wegmans and has like a food court in it and stuff. On fridays they play movies upstairs so that parents can shop and the kids can watch a movie….yeah, that is how awesome it is. Then we had dinner with the C family and that is always fun. We didn't do much that night, I think we mowed the lawn and almost died because of the humidity. It his horrible:)

Tuesday: We had district meeting and it was pretty good as always. Then we went out to eat at he best pizza place with the other Bristow sisters. Then we went and helped a lady clean her house because there was going to be a reception at her house that weekend. We then went over to Sister B house. She recently went to the temple because. She recently has been having some heart pain and we wanted to make sure she was ok. I love her so much! Every time we ask who she wants to say the prayer she says, "who is the smartest?" haha, but she is feeling better and hopefully will be at church next week! :)

Wednesday: SISTER MEETING! It was the Best! Some members from our stake took their huge van and all the sisters in our district down to Richmond. We had it at the church that I used to attend!!! It felt so good to be back and I got to see all of my old companions and such! It was a good meeting too! It was all about spiritual gifts and I learned a lot! It was so great to see President and Sister Wilson. :) It was an all around good day! I didn't realize how far I am from Richmond. It was like a 2 hour drive from here. It was pretty much our whole day. It was just a fun and good day!

Thursday: The grossest and funniest thing happened to me. Well, we went out after lunch to see a returning member. She lives in this trailer park and we like to call it "little Mexico" because she is like the only American in there. The Hermanas and Spanish Elders call it golden, holy land. Haha, but she lives in this trailer that has some steepish steps to get to her door and there is really only room for one person on the porch. Sister Christensen was up there and I was standing a few steps below. Well, the door opens and her 6 month old Rotweiler comes out to greet us. He is a really nice dog and not mean, but he is a puppy and gets really excited….really excited. You know what excited dogs do, right?!?! They Pee! So he peed right next to Sister Christensen's foot and then his lovely tail gets in the pee and soaks it up and when he turns to leave the tail went straight across my face. ACROSS MY FACE! So, I was freaking out in my head because I have dog pee on my face. It is literally dripping down my face, but I try not to make a big deal about it because I am a Missionary. But the minute we left I started freaking out and we had to go home so we could shower and wash out clothes. It was sooo gross and hilarious. That is basically how the whole day went….

Friday: It was kind of a rough day….I wasn't feeling very well. It is great having other sisters to be around on days like these.

Saturday: We did a big blitz in our area because we needed help finding new people to teach! HUGE SUCCESS! We have a ton of potentials to visit this week! :) We also got to teach a lesson! This sister that the Elders found told us to come back and so we did. She fed us lunch and let us teach her. It was so good and she was so nice!:) It was a miracle! :) Oh, and then we got transfer calls and I am staying but Sister Christensen is leaving:( Sad!

Sunday: We had our regular meetings and such. We spent the rest of the day visiting people so Sister Christensen could say goodbye.

It was a good week! :) We really needed that week! This work is really hard here. Sad to see my companion leave but excited to have a new companion. Thanks for all the prayers and such! I love you all so much and I feel so blessed to have so many people cheering me on! :)

Have a good week! LOVE YOU! :)
-Sister Siepert

Goodbye Sister Christensen:(

Sister Weber who is in the middle also got transferred. She lives in our house! I will miss her too!

Sister Christensen saying goodbye to everyone!

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