Thursday, June 12, 2014

A bomb-tastic Sister P-day!

Dear Family and Friends,

I have to say I thought about home a lot this last week, with Ty graduating from High School. I can't believe my little brother is all graduated and stuff! He is old...haha. But I am so happy and excited for him to get to the next step of college and a mission. Both are so great! :) I loved seeing the pictures and I am super jealous that Ryan got to go. I felt bad because no one was going to be there, but I am glad Ryan and Grandma and Grandpa Siepert came! I have to admit I cried a few tears yesterday knowing that all this was going on at home and I wasn't there. I soon realized that it was all okay and just felt close to you guys because God is so good and he loves me. But Congrats Ty!

We had a pretty good week!
Monday: We went and had a sisters P-day and that was bomb-tastic! We went to a national park and played in the sand and walked across a dock that is half in Virginia and half in Maryland. Pretty Cool! It was also so fun to be with all the sisters because they are the best! :) So, that day was Great!

Look how happy I am!

I love it here!

Look I am in Maryland! The dock is half in Virginia and Half in Maryland:)

Sister P-day
Sister Bunnell and Me:) 

Sister Missionaries are the best!

Tuesday: We got to help a recent convert paint her bedroom so that she can move. It was really fun because all 4 of us sisters got to go and painting is fun, also exhausting, but mostly fun! We also got free lunch out of it and that is always great! Then we had a lesson with our investigator H and guess what!? She is on date for baptism! She is so awesome and really wants to be baptized for the right reasons, to be closer to God and to promise God all those wonderful things that we promise when we are baptized. It is great! Her date is kind of far....November 15th. But that is due to her father and she is going to Sweden for a million years this summer, but she will make it! :) It will be awesome to end my mission with this! :)

Wednesday: We had a district meeting and we were supposed to go on exchanges with the Sister Training leaders. One of them was supposed to come here with me and Sister Christensen was supposed to go with one of them to their area, but I wasn't feeling very well so we had to change things up a bit. We taught someone that night in their house and it was sooooooooooooooo hot, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! I almost seriously passed out and then when we got out of the lesson there was one of the classic Virginia down pours and so we had to run in that back to our car. Lots of fun, eh? Haha, but it was good:)

Thursday: MY YEAR MARK!!!!! That was an exciting day and also a really weird day.....I just could not believe that I was out a year. That just seems crazy to me! The Eng's were home this week and because Sister Eng is AMAZING she got us Cafe Rio! Yes I said Cafe Rio! We have it here, but it is right outside of our members of the ward offer to get it for us and I had it! It was a nice treat!

I Love Cafe Rio!

Sister Christensen Loves it too!

Friday: I don't really remember much from this day...haha, I assume it was good:) That was the night that I got to burn a shirt for my One year mark! It was really fun because I got to do it at one of my favorite members house! The Hafleys! They take super good care of us and sometimes we make up excuses to go over and see them because we just love them so much! It was fun though and we got to make s'mores! It was a really fun night!

Saturday: This was a crazy day. Well, we found out in the morning that the Sisters said that we would sing the next day. So, I had the music for "come unto Christ" because I wanted to learn how to play it on the piano. We practiced it for like an hour and then sang it with the piano 4 times. It was really fun  to practice singing again and we all had solos. Sister Weber and I had more solo parts because we felt more comfortable singing alone. You would be so amazed how comfortable I now am singing solo's in front of people.  We had a lesson that night That Sister Chrisensen found on exchanges. It felt so good to teach again. Except this man was not interested in hearing anything we had to say. Those Catholics get you every time. Haha, He was so nice and I was super proud of myself because I just basically told him what our purpose was, and we did not want to bible bash. I just flat out asked him to get baptized, which he declined and then he invited me to be baptized into the Catholic Sacred Heart Church which I kindly declined. He was really nice, but didn't turn into a new investigator, which means we are still looking. 

Sunday: Well we sang in church. That was fun!  We found out that one of our investigators mom is having a really rough pregnancy. There is a really big chance that the baby or her mother won't make it through the delivery. It is really a hard time for her and our investigator is only 13. Please keep her family in your prayers. People have hard lives. That is one thing I have learned on my mission is that I have nothing to complain about. Other people have far worse problems than I do. Oh Sister B was sealed to her deceased husband and her deceased twins. That was so cool! It was a pleasure to help her prepare their names for their temple work. Kind of inspired me to want to do family history work! ...I know, weird right? But we are really happy and excited for her! :) Good week, right?! I have nothing to complain about!

Love you! Have a great week! :)

-Sister Siepert :)

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