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The Sister's I live with are the best!!

One Year!

Did I tell you One Year?

Keeping the tradition! Burning a shirt for the one year mark!

Burning a shirt and a smore:) Can't ask for anything more wonderful:)

Can you believe it has already been one year? When in the world did that happen!?!? I am still in shock. I bore my testimony yesterday and I talked about how I had no idea what I was getting myself into...haha. But that I was so grateful to be a missionary and it's true! I had no idea that my mission would be the way it is! I had no idea I would be re-assigned forever and that I would meet the wonderful people that I have on my mission, but when I look back, my mission has been even greater than I could ever imagine. I mean I have had some of the craziest weirdest, trials, but I have also learned so much from them and I think that a mission was the only place I could really understand what I needed to learn. I still look down at my badge and think, What the heck? I am a missionary? I am that primary kid that sang "I hope they call me on a mission" and never really thought I would be a missionary. Now I am one of those missionaries. Did you ever think that I would be a missionary? I sure didn't......look at me now:) I have been gone from home for a year... I haven't died yet! That's a good sign right? I may have gained a few pounds but I am still here!

Let me tell you about my week. I got sick and we had a sick day. It was kind of an uneventful week.  There is this virus going around that feels like strep throat, but without the fever and it's the devil.! It lasts like for five day, but I am officially almost over it, so that is good. One day it was so bad,  I literally slept all day. Three of the four sisters that live in our house were sick. We probably looked like we were playing hooky, but I promise we were sick. I guess the one bright thing is that we were all sick together.

With the sickness and stuff we only had one lesson this week. How lame is that? I really miss teaching more....but we will find more and get down to business. We taught H this week and we accidentally brought 2 youth with us. It was good but we decided that it was probably to many people and H seemed a little intimidated by so many people there. It was cool to have them there to explain things and answer her questions. They basically taught the lesson. In the long run it ended up being a good lesson. Then we helped Sister B with her family history, by the way it is a lot HARDER then it looks to do family history, but the church is so helpful. There is a lady in our ward that helped us out a bit, so that was good! We got her two deceased twins into the program and their information and then her husbands work is all done, se we set an appointment for the 4th (Wednesday) and she is being sealed to them! We wish we could be there, but we can only go with the converts when they go for endowments....lame! But when we went by yesterday to tell her the time and such, she almost started to cry. She was so happy and was like, I feel like I am getting married again, but to the same man. She was so happy:) It was a cool process to be apart of! :) Then Friday we had a zone meeting and our zone is soooo much bigger than my other zones and we have like 6 sets of sisters and it seems like we have 8 or 9 sets of elders. But President Wilson started this new thing where we have to prepare a spiritual thought for each meeting and, of course I forgot and then of course I get called on to do one. Oh, and I am going first! I prayed really hard and I was able to pull something out of the air and it was not all that bad, I think! So that was good and I will always be prepared from now on...haha, this week has been really good. The house has been great and I love all the sisters. I have felt like this week I have been trying to lead by example in the house by working hard. I have been out the longest and try to motivate and uplift the sisters I live with. I absolutely love the companionships in our house and will be sad if we get split up at transfers. It is so wonderful to help the other sisters  through this whole mission thing. We all get along so well and it is so good to be there for each other when we need each other.

So, yeah! That was my week! It was different and good! I still can't believe I have reached my one year mark. It kind of freaks me out talking to the recent High school graduates. Some of them talk about going to BYU-Idaho next winter. I realized I will be there too! How weird it that? I was thinking when I get home from my mission I just want to sleep. I am tired, so tired. I sometimes fall asleep during lunch, I don't mean to, but it happens sometimes. I am trying so hard to work hard  and be an example. I have faced a lot of fears on my mission and it has made me grow! Hey, remember when I hated talking to people? I love it now! I love talking to the kids the most I am still working on the adult part. I love when the little girls come up to me in church and hug me and invite me over. There is a recent convert family that have not let the sisters in for a while and we went over last week and I played with the little girl and she LOVES me. So, she keeps inviting me over which is really cool! The way to the parents hearts is through their kids:) I guess that is how Christ did it, right? Well anyways, I love my mission and I am trying to work hard to the end. Hope you have a great weekend! It will be a busy one for sure with ty's graduation. please send me lots of pictures and know I will be there in my heart! :) Love you all soooo much! :)

Sister 1 year old Siepert

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