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Let me tell you, I am SO relieved to finally know my final missionary destination. I will be here in Virginia until December and that feels so good! December 2nd to be exact (Mom insert).  Let me tell you about the craziness of the week….well, it started off on Wednesday by getting a call from the mission office telling me that I had to do the FBI clearance over again. I had just done a FBI clearance in January and it took 12 weeks to get it back (if I had to wait that long again that would leave me only three months left on my mission and they still needed to apply for the visa). Well I guess that it is now expired and needed to be done again. Craziness! I felt bad for the lady from the mission office that called because I immediate burst into tears. She was really trying to help me feel better. Haha so it was a really rough day! I ended up getting a blessing that night from one of my favorite members, Brother H. It was a really good blessing that gave me peace. In the blessing I was told to pray more and listen more to what Heavenly Father was saying. So I did, and basically Heavenly Father and I had this conversation about how I didn't want to be the one who made the decision to stay because I really was scared to let someone down. Like if I went and really there were people here waiting for me or vice versa. How sad would that be? So I told Heavenly Father that I really didn't want to make that decision. I felt really impressed to just keep moving forward and so I did. Then Friday afternoon we get a call from President Wilson and he is the sweetest man and the first thing he says is, "Sister Siepert, what is in your heart?" So I just poured my heart to President about how hard this process has been and how I was not sure what to do and then we made the decision together to just let me stay. :) I was so happy the rest of the day! I think I made the right decision. I mean, Brazil will always have a special part in my heart, but I am happy to stay. Maybe Brazil will be in my near future? I guess, all I know is that everything happens for a reason. I am so happy to not do language study anymore! So, I might send all my language stuff home. That was pretty much the highlight of my whole week! :)

This week has been a pretty good week as a whole. We had some pretty spiritual moments and some hilarious moments. One of the best moments of the week though was a lesson we had with H. She is 15 and wants to be baptized so bad. Her father wants her to take the Catholic Confirmation classes before she gets baptized. So hard for her but understandable from her fathers standpoint. We have literally taught her everything and like any normal 15 year old gets distracted real REAL easily! School, boys, drama….haha, but we decided to read Enos with her. We learned something at Zone Conference on Tuesday it was to read a scripture and ask the investigator to tell you what stands out to them or what they like and that is when the spirit can teach them. That is what we did and it worked! She went off on faith and how important it is in life and how she feels sad for people who can't have faith. It was so cool. She was really taught by the spirit and she did't get distracted!

We also saw a lady that just went through the temple and is getting ready to go through and be sealed to her husband and twins who died. She is so funny and is hard to understand. When you first meet her you think she may be a little handicapped, but she is really just a little older and a little slow:). Be we came to her door and knocked and waited because it usually takes her a while to get to the door and she opens it and the first words that come out of her mouth are "she tied me up". The dog she had been dog sitting had wrapper her up in his leash. So we laughed and tried to untie her. It took a while because the dog is CRAZY, be we got her free. She then proceeded to tell us that we were a miracle and that she would have been stuck for hours if we didn't come…haha, that was fun!

This week was fun and it was so nice to have the Eng's at home. Felt like we had a family again! :) And having the dogs around was a lot of fun! I think I am turning into a dog person and not a cat person anymore…..Virginia is changing me….haha. I asked about my Aunt and Uncle coming and going to lunch or dinner (they only live like 20 miles from me) his first response was "no." Then he laughed and said of course, but please have them call me before they come. So they can!! They just have to call President Wilson first! I love my Mission President, he is the man! I also realized that since I am staying I get to go home with Sister Romney! How cool is that? :) So happy about that!

Keep me in your prayers and that we can find some new investigators! :)
Love you all!!!
Have a good week! :)
-Sister Siepert :)

Loved having the dogs around for the weekend:)

I am becoming a dog person here in Virginia:)

Our investigator Hannah:)

We made this for Hannah :) 

A little girl did my hair this week:) What do you think? I never thought of using stickers to decorate my hair:)

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