Monday, May 12, 2014

Transfers last week.............Yep I transfered!

Since we got to google hangout with Sister Siepert her email was rather short! I decided I would just put together a blog post for her using her email and our conversation with her yesterday:)

Marianne Siepert (Katie's Mom)

Well yep it was a week of changes. I was sad to leave the countryside of Virginia. I was in Goochland for a long time. six months. I met and became friends with so many nice people there. I will miss serving them and serving with Sister Rushton. I left a piece of my heart there and many fond memories! Many life long friends!

I am now living and serving in Manassas Virginia. I serve in the Woodbridge Stake. Manassas is located just outside of Washington DC. In fact most of the people that live here commute into DC for work. I am so close to my sister and even closer to my Aunt and Uncle. I think they live less than 30 miles away. To bad they live outside the Virginia Richmond Mission. So close but so far. I will probably never see them:( In fact My area is probably the furthest north I could serve and not be in the DC South Mission. Last week we accidentally crossed the boundary into the other mission. It really was an accident. It is that close.

My new companion's name is Sister Christensen from..........Utah. Surprise......not:) She's great! All my companions except one have been from Utah. Haha It's kind of fun to be different and be from a different place. We live another Sister companionship that also serve in our ward. We (the four of us) live in a rather large nice home. They owners are living in New York and have let the Missionaries live in their home while they are gone. So it's really beautiful! We each have our own bathrooms and I get to sleep on a queen size bed. Just like home:) I will send more pictures soon! My brother Ryan told me he is fancy now that he has graduated from college. Well guess what I'm fancy now too! Haha  I love living here! 

Pretty Nice huh!

My new ward is really nice and really love and take care of the missionaries! That makes me so happy! In fact on Sunday they introduced me from the pulpit! Never had a ward do that before! They love to help the missionaries here and support them so much! We don't have a lot of investigators but we have quite a few inactives to work with. I guess watch out Manassas Sister Siepert has arrived! Haha

I am so excited to be serving in the same District as Sister Bunnell. I trained her in the Richmond YSA ward. I love her so much. Today our zone is spending our Pday together and going to a huge mall! Should be fun, I haven't been to a mall in awhile! 

I loved talking to the family yesterday. It truly felt like I never left. Thanks for making it so fun and filling me in on all the good stuff going on in the family and with friends. Our family is at an exciting time right now with Ty graduating in a few weeks. Ryan starting his new job. Megan and Eric's kids are getting so big. At home you are doing a remodel to the house. So exciting! I love it. It feels unreal that this is the last phone call home until I come home. It really blows my mind! I am still trying to figure out how that happened.

This has been such a good week! My stress level went way down. The weather has been beautiful and it's beautiful here. Great combination! Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf, I feel them and feel all your love. Heavenly Father sure loves me. I know that because he sent his Son for me. He loves all of us!

I miss you all!

Sister Siepert :)

Someone in my new ward has a wood shop and we got to help out there last week! It was so fun!!

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