Monday, May 19, 2014

I am so excited my brother got his Mission Call!!!

Hey, Hey,

I AM SO EXCITED FOR TY!!! When I found out where he was going I was actually at a festival where we had a booth. I listened to the voicemail from Sister Chuntz. When she said where he was going I just started to cry! Haha, we were walking through a huge crowd of people and I just couldn't keep it in! I AM SO HAPPY FOR TY!! The Halifax Canada Mission is so lucky to have him! Missions are the greatest and the hardest at the same time. I know he will make an awesome missionary! I got kind of sad because he is leaving in September and I come home in December....But I got over it super quick because I know this is what he is supposed to do. I am SO proud of him. I wish I could have been there when he opened his call. in church yesterday I just sat and cried because I felt the spirit so strong when I was thinking about Ty going on a mission. We were pretty good friends and I would probably call him one of my best friends. Anyways, I am excited! :)

We had a really good week! I am so happy here and I just love everything about this area. members want to work with us, The bishop is soooo nice, we don't have to tract because the member do all the finding for us, and the list goes on and on. I feel so blessed to have been put here and to be experiencing the things I have so far.

Last Monday (Pday) we went to the mall. Basically it was heaven!!!! It is huge and has everything I have ever wanted! :) They have a Vera Bradley store. I bought the cutest bag for $30 it was originally $70. Steal! Huh? We also had a lesson with an investigator that night. Her name is H. She is awesome! She has been a long time investigator but has to wait to be baptized until her father gives her permission. She is 15. She really feels the spirit and is so strong. She is so sweet and so fun to be around! We have another investigator that is names N and is 14. She is sooo great too! We had a fireside with the youth last night and she came to it!! I find it interesting that my whole mission I have taught either the youth or young adults. I love it! They are young and seem to be able to feel the spirit so strong.  It is so cool to see it in their faces. On the flip side it is so hard to see them feel it and deny it. On Tuesday we went to the church and played volleyball with the youth and that was so fun! The bishop's son here is exactly like Ty. He even looks like him! It kind of freaks me out sometimes. It is really fun to spend time with the youth. Sometimes I have remind myself I am not one of them! Haha!

We had a really cool experience this week when a member invited her neighbors over for dinner and she invited us too. She is a returned missionary and so is her husband. Her husband is no longer active but she comes to church and is one of the greatest members. At dinner she taught her neighbors the restoration. I loved it! :) She just did it and we didn't really have to do anything, but testify. It was so cool to see a member take the lead though and be a missionary. Afterwards she felt really good and was like, I have been wanting to tell them that for a long time. Sure , we aren't teaching them, but they did feel the spirit really strongly and it will happen again one day. :)

Saturday was really interesting. We went to the "Nokesville Days" which is a like a little festival. It is in the area the other Sisters we live with serve. It was in our Ward boundaries. It is really interesting because it is like 30 minutes from D.C. and it is country! Not as country as Goochland but pretty close. There was a tractor parade and stuff....haha. But it was fun! Our ward mission leader set us up with a booth. It was a good idea, but it was awkward. I mean our booth was between two home improvement places that were trying to give away like $15,000 and other stuff. We kind of sat there and waited for people to come to us because it felt weird about going out and yelling at people because we are not trying to seel the church or anything...but it was interesting because the men working the booths on either side of us kept yelling, "this will change your life!" and it made me think. I love Heavenly Father because he doesn't force us to do anything. He wants us to choose him and doesn't yell at us or force us in anyway to change, we have to do that on our own. Ironic that they were yelling that and that we were right next to him, eh? It was a good experience for me and for us! We at least got out in the community, right? SEE! It was a great week! :)

Well I love you all and I am glad to hear that this week was so great! :)

-Sister Siepert

We mowed the lawn at our house! Exhausting:)

Our Festival Booth

Cat Power.....meow

The train tracks are literally the border of our mission.........So close:)

We got caught in a rainstorm. The members that live at this house fixed us up in rain apparel.

Sister Christensen and I (My companion)

Companions (I look a little bald) Haha

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