Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some weeks are harder than others:) 7/14/14

This has been a good week. To be honest it has felt like it was a year long! I don't know why but this has been an emotional week.  I don't even remember everything that happened. Even through it all I know some good stuff happened.

The family we met with last week are doing so good. We showed the restoration movie this week to the mother and her oldest son. They were the only ones home. She said she loved the faith that Joseph Smith had. They are excited to get toward their baptism date, yes I said BATISMAL DATE and it is August 30th right now. That is just the mom and son, but we plan on putting the rest on date by the end of this week! Yay! It was a really cool experience. I just love the family! They want to come to church too, but the mom works every Sunday, so that might be hard, but we are praying really hard that she will be able to get off work and come! I also am so very blessed that we have other sisters living with us because Sister Bennett didn't feel good, but we just went on splits and one of the other sisters came with me. We also met with our other investigator K and we taught the Plan of Salvation. She loved it and that me me really happy because you never know what yoga re going to get with that one. People either love it or they hate it…but she loved it! She thought it brought her so much hope in knowing that God loves her and would want the best for her! So that was cool, but last night we over and she didn't seem as excited, so hopefully she will make her baptismal date August 9th….we are praying really hard for her to quit smoking and stuff, so that would be nice if you could pray with us. August looks to be an exciting month! YAY!

Hopefully next week will be easier…I am sure it will. I guess everyone those kind of weeks from time to time!

I love you all,

-Sister Siepert

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