Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 4th of July and Hitting my 13th Month! 7/7/14

This week, This week, THIS WEEK! This week has probably been the best week in Bristow in a long time! So many miracles happened this week!!! I don't know if I mentioned in my last letter that I was focusing on "perfect love castieth out fear" this week? I am and it has really helped. I also think that you and the families prayers on us finding new people really helped too! Monday night after we had dinner with a member we went to see a less active/part member family. What we didn't know is that it would take us all the way to the other side of our area. We knocked on their door and they weren't home. So we decide that we would look throughout he potentials in our area book and go see some of them. Well, this first one wasn't interested, so we went on to the next one. The next one was a family, the R family. They were a big family! We talked to the dad for a bit then talked to their mom for a bit and she said that we could come back and tech their family about Jesus Christ. We were pumped! so, on Wednesday one of the Sister Training leaders and I went to go see them (we were on exchanges). I was sooo nervous for some reason and I don't know why…but we went and had probably the most powerful lesson I have ever had on my mission. It was really good. They accepted to be baptized if they prayed and it was true and then as we left the daughter prayed that "we are excited to learn more and thank you for sending these girls to us." What a miracle! We plan on seeing them this Wednesday too! :) Then we also had another miracle on Saturday night. So, like 8:30 is always an awkward time to be out because like it is late-ish and some people get really mad when you knock on the door, but thank goodness it is summer. Well, we went to see a less active. His son (a former investigator) and his friend K were there. He let us right in and we talked for a bit. K then just broke down about how her day had been really bad and she felt that we were sent to her from God. It was awesome! We taught the restoration and promised her blessings. We are teaching her this Saturday. Look at both of those huge miracles!!! PERFECT LOVE CASTIETH OUT FEAR1 :) It has been really good week and things are really starting to happen in our area. On the 4th of July we were in a parade and that was a huge success. Our whole district came and members came too! They were handing out cards like crazy!!!! We handed out all of our cards before we were even at the end of the parade route! It was awesome to see all of the members being brave and handing out cards. It was really fun also and that day was a really good day to see people. I did get really sun burned…..Mom, I put sunscreen on but forgot my neck and the back of my neck, but don't worry. It's going away.

Well I love you a lot and I love all your prayers in my behalf. Things have really started to happen! I am scared though that I will get transferred right when things get really good….but we will see! Transfers are coming up….crazy, huh?

-Sister Siepert

The Parade Banner!

Another Banner Shot!

The Parade!

Look at those missionaries go in the 4th of July Parade!
Can you find me?

Ok this is a really awkward picture of me! You know me Awkkkkwardddd!

Sister Bennet! 

The Sister on the left is Sister Bunnell my old companion!

My house mates!

This is how Sister Missionaries celebrate the 4th!

We didn't see fireworks but we did have glow sticks!

Evidence of the sunburn! Oops!

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