Monday, February 10, 2014



The transfer call came last night and the verdict is......I am staying:) Sister Gale is leaving...we won't know where she is going until transfer meeting on Thursday. I will take over this area A little scary but a little exciting too! I used to hate change, but now I think I like it a little bit more than I used too.

We had a great week!!!! We also had a few funny moments.... We had an investigator answer the door naked. Yes, that really happened. Yep, it was really funny! She has this window on her door and she poked through it and was like, honey, we can't have our lesson right now. I am about to get in the shower and I am naked right now and cold. So let's do it another day. Hahahahaha, we laughed so hard. These are some of the moments I will remember the most, sooooo funny! 

We have a new investigator named R and we met him last Pday at the grocery store. He is the cutest older black man. We called him to meet with him and invited him to church and he said, "ma'am I can't go to church. I got a problem." We were like oh no "what's the problem?" He was like "diareha is my problem ma'am" This caught us off guard. It was hard to keep a straight face and not laugh, but we held it together because we are real mature now.....JUST KIDDING!

I am not that mature....but we did have a really good week! We taught some lessons, which is a HUGE miracle. Everyone here is just very set with what they have and don't want to try anything different. Which is fine because I mean I understand. It is what they have grown up with and how they have lived their whole lives. On the other hand it is really hard for us. I just love to become friends with everyone. You know me, I hate contention, so if it is headed that way I steer clear of that. We feel so blessed to have found a new investigator named M. We met her while we were volunteering at the retirement home. She is young and so fun! She is a Baptist, but loves to learn, so we are teaching her and she is wide open. I love people like that. They are so soft and willing to hear us out. I think people get so freaked out about missionaries and seem to think that we are just here to convert the whole world to be Mormon. Haha, sure that would be great:) I feel like a lot of my purpose of being a missionary is to love people. Just to make sure people feel the love that Heavenly Father has for them. We are here to show people who Jesus Christ is, by acting like him. 

Like I said we had a great week!! Out investigator L has set a baptism date!!!! The date right now is March 30th. We are praying and hoping she can make it by that date. She is so crazy busy all the time. We are hoping we can help her get there. She feels the spirit so strong and is soooo awesome! We love her a  whole lot and actually have special permission to teach her because she is technically not in out area. She requested Sisters. So we feel so lucky to be able to teach her:) We are super excited for her because she has made so many steps forward. I love when we get to watch people change and to grow closer to Christ. It feels so good to know that we have helped her through all of this. 

The Elders in our ward are teaching someone named M. We all call her Momma M and she is getting baptized the 22nd. She has been through 12 sets of Elders and call them all of her adopted sons. Now she finally has 2 adopted sisters too!:) She is sooo sweet and has so many medical problems and is in a wheel chair, but is so excited to be baptized. She has invited so many people in our ward to her baptism. She is so great, I love her!:) There are so many great people here. I feel so blessed to be serving in an area where we have grown a trusting relationship with them. It feels good to see all the progress we have made with so many people. Missionary work sure is hard, but it feels good! It is all worth it!:)

The coat situation is fixed! Sister Jepson is so nice and said to keep it here because she doesn't have room in her bags to take it home. She told me to pass it on to another missionary when I leave. She is so nice. What a blessing:)

We had something really sad happen in our ward this week. A young mother in our ward had her 4 month old baby pass away. She suddenly had trouble breathing and passed. It was her first child. It made our whole ward sad. However, it was so cool that yesterday that all the lessons were on the plan of Salvation. Everything is inspired! Heavenly Father loves us that way:)

Well, I Love You all so much and i am finally figuring this whole mission thing out, now that I have been out for EIGHT MONTHS!:) at least I think so! I Love You All!!!! :) Have a great week!!

-Sister Siepert


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