Monday, February 3, 2014

A week of miracles + a visit with the Mission President + exchanges with a former companion and friend = a really good week:)


I am still here in good ol' Virginia and thank goodness it didn't snow this week! (At least that I can remember?) Haha, sorry the weeks go by so fast, but they are so packed that I can't even remember what we did last week...Haha, we are finally figuring out how to be busy! This week has actually been a really good week! We have been working hard and actually this has been a life changing week. We had interviews with President Wilson and can I tell you that he is so inspired.  He is such a great Mission President. I cried to him all about what was going on and about my Visa and it was like he already knew. He told me to just keep loving and to love with all my heart and not be afraid because I am leaving. He told me that he wanted me to be completely devastated when I got my visa and that we would cry together. When we got home I told Sister Gale that I thought that I had just talked to the Prophet. Haha, he is sooo inspired and so uplifting! Then we had exchanges this week and I got to be with Sister Romney!!! It was the best!! She was one of my companions in the very beginning and it was so cool to see how we have both changed and grown!It is so cool she really understands me:) It is hard to believe there is only one more week left in this transfer....I can't believe blows my mind.

We had an awesome miracle this week with a former investigator. She was just not ready the last time we met with her, but felt a prompting to go and see her again. So we did and she was home and let us in. She said that she had been thinking about us earlier that day She has been through a lot with her family and her husband is in prison (he is a member). She is so lonely in her little trailer home, but we finally had a lesson with her and she felt the spirit so strongly and even cried. She is ready for change and we are ready to help her get there! She almost came to church yesterday, but was not feeling all that great so she didn't go. :( But I did give her one of my skirts because she said that she would not have anything to wear.)  I just love her sooo much! She is so precious and I just almost cried when she didn't come to church because I knew that she would feel God's love for her there. It was so cool. We also had another miracle where we were looking through the potentials in our area book and randomly picked one to go see. We went and she was home and we had a bomb lesson with her! We even got a return appointment with her! It is sooo sweet! We are being extremely blessed out here in Goochland. I cannot believe this last week and all the things I learned! Man...I wish I could just write it all down in words what I learned.

We just found out that WE CAN NOW GO TO THE TEMPLE.But there are restrictions..haha, we can only go with our converts who are going for the first time and we can go at the end of our missions with President Wilson. Cool, huh? We were all so excited about the change and I hope that I get the opportunity to go!

I heard that someone in my old YSA ward mentioned me yesterday in testimony meeting and that they had received a letter from me. A while ago I just felt like I needed to write her a little note and so I did. I love the spirit and when it directs us to do stuff and then when we do it, it is for a purpose! I think that is my favorite thing about being a missionary. I don't think I have ever let the spirit guide so much in my life. I also think that I have felt so many promptings in my life. You get them all the time and about lots of different things. I think I am finally learning to discern the spirit now. It is just so cool how much you spiritually grow as a missionary. I am also working on finishing the Book of Mormon for the second time now on my mission. My companion and I were talking this morning about how we wish we had more time to study in the morning. Mom, have I ever said that in my whole life? no, I have never really enjoyed studying:) Missions are cool! Haha, I am glad I came on one even though it is definitely really hard. We put these black name tags on and it is like immediately we are targets. Immediately people try to tell you all these things that they think are wrong with what we believe (most of those are not really what we believe by the way...) and satan tries sooo hard to get us. He gets in our heads, but is is also cool how I feel like doubts as a missionary don't stay long. Just because we feel the spirit so strongly and we see how this gospel can effect peoples lives. We see the change it makes and how much joy it can bring. Satan sure is a dumb smart guy.  Haha

OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS WEEK! This sweet older lady made a cat sweatshirt for me. A CAT SWEATSHIRT! It is the best ever! I will take a picture and send it to you:)

Good news also I haven't gained a single pound out here on my mission. That makes me sooo happy!

Well, I love you all sooooooooo much! Have a great week! I miss you, but will see you in a short 10 months:)

-Sister Siepert :)

Everyone has dogs here!!! I love it!! Some have Labs but mostly they are pitbulls. I am finding out they are the sweetest dogs. I really love Pitbull puppies:) The dog in this picture reminds me of my dog Duke at home:) I really love him and really loved him as a puppy:)

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