Monday, February 24, 2014

Two posts for the price of one!

Feb. 17, 2014

We had a solid 12 inches of snow and were very snowed in. I was sick though so it worked out well. I had a fever...we didn't have to much food, so it was kind of funny to find what to eat, but we ended up eating eggs and old pancake mix. Thank goodness we didn't lose power because I am not sure if I could deal with that.

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Rushton and she is's not to hard.....Utah! Haha, almost all of my companions have been from Utah...but it's great! I might end up moving there sometime because now all of my new friends are there. I was kind of relieved she was from Utah with all this snow because I haven't really driven a lot in the snow.  However, she doesn't have a drivers license, sooooo I have been sliding around and all that fun stuff.  Haha, she is 21 and the cutest thing ever. She is just so NICE!!! I was kind of scared to take over this area because I don't know it as well as my last area. A member in our ward loaned us their GPS,  that is so nice of them. We are doing it together! She is so great, we just talk and talk and sometimes forget what time it is....Oopsie. Sister Gale was transferred up closer to DC (big change for her).  Sister Rushton has been out 6 months. I got to see Sister Bunnell at transfers and now she is training. My child is training! I am one proud mom! It was so fun to see her and be around her. Both of my trainers are now Sister Training Leaders. It is so great!

This has been kind of a crazy week. we were supposed to have transfer meeting on Thursday, but ended up having it on Saturday because of the snow. We set 3 baptism dates this week.  That is so exciting for us. Please pray for our investigators.

I am so excited that my new companion loves tracking. I have a goal to not hate tracking. Maybe she can help me gain a love of tacking. She is so positive, so I am sure it will happen.

I love being a missionary. I love helping people feel Heavenly Fathers love because I know that love can change someones life. I know that because I have felt it. My testimony of this gospel has grown in ways I didn't even expect it to. I am so grateful for that, my life will be different because of my mission.

I love you all,
Sister Siepert
Sister Rushton and Sister Siepert

Snow, Snow, Snow is everywhere!

Feb. 24, 2014

My FBI Clearance came?!?! I have to admit that when I read that I wanted to cry...the thought of leaving here first, makes me sad because I have so many great friends here and have had so many experiences that I won't ever forget and second, it makes me a bit scared. I am just going to forget about it since it now has to go to the Brazil Consulate and could take awhile. I just have to trust that Heavenly Father has it all in his hands and to be patient with his timing. Also aligning  his will with my own will is pretty hard, but it has taught me a lot. So you better send my Birthday stuff soon:) Hah, what has happend to me? I am going to turn 20 in a month.....WHY AM I SO OLD?! 

This week was great!!! I forgot to tell you that we had a sisters meeting this week on Wed. Can you believe that it has been 6 months since the last one? But it was great! I saw everyone and it was so happy. It made me realize how many fiends I have made here in Virginia and how I not only love the people in Virginia, but I also love the missionaries of Virginia!!! They are so fun! There were a lot of good speakers and a lot of good food.:) So that was the highlight of that day, but then Sister Rushton came home feeling a bit sick,  so she went straight to bed. So Thursday was great we saw several of our investigators. They were all great!!! We had a great time with them like we always do but, came home early because Sister Rushton wasn't feeling well. The next day she felt really sick and spent the day in bed. I had to find something to do. It was actually a funny experience because I always dreamed of the day my companion would be sick and we could take a day off. I was so bored, which led me to be homesick. I wrote you a letter that day by the way. It was so funny how that all happened. I read out of the Book of Mormon and ended up finishing it again and then there was nothing to do. I learned a lesson, I don't want another day like that! 

So on Saturday we had a baptism. Her name is Mary and we all call her Momma Mary. She is the sweetest lady who has been wanting to be baptized for a long time., but because of health reasons could not be. When the Elders picked her up out of her wheel chair and carried her into the water to be baptized I just was so overcome by the spirit. She came out of the water with tears in her eyes. I just felt so much love for her and knew that Heavenly Father was so proud of her because that was not an easy thing to do. After she came back into the room she couldn't stop crying! She was just nonstop with tears running down her face. It was such an awesome experience. She has been taught by 14 missionaries and she calls them all of her sons and now she has 3 daughters. she remembers all of their names. she loves the missionaries and they love her. I could really just sit and talk to her for hours. Someday I would love to come back here and visit her. She is sooo great!!:):) 

On Sunday we taught the Young Women again. We taught them the first lesson that we teach investigators because before I was a missionary I didn't know the lessons. So we taught it and talked about sharing the gospel. It was a lot of fun and it was fun getting to know them. Also it is cool because I was basically in Young Womens not to long ago....So you can see it was a good week!

 It is weird to think I am just a few weeks short of nine months. I can't believe it!!! I remember the first night in the MTC I was so concerned how I was going to do this for a year and a half. Haha, but now I have almost made it halfway, so I think I can make it now! Haha, well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love you,
Sister Siepert

Momma Mary on her Baptism day!

Sister Siepert, Sister Bunnell and her new Trainee!
Grandma, mom and child:) Haha

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