Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Snow SNOW!

Well sorry I didn't write yesterday but our cars were grounded due to the darn snow! It was so funny because on Sunday it was like 70 degrees and I was so pumped because we were finally getting warmer weather and that spring was coming. On Sunday night is started to snow and it didn't stop until about one on Monday afternoon. So we had to stay in last night and all day yesterday. It was so funny because it was p-day so we can do whatever we want, so we did all the normal stuff, like writing letters, and doing laundry, but it came to be about 3 and both of us looked at each other and we were like WE ARE SO BORED! We then watched the district...and watched some Mormon messages that we had on DVD, but really I don't think I have ever been that bored in my whole life. Haha, we were just trying to figure out anything to do. We came up with races across the tile and found some odd things to do. I also read the entire March Ensign. The whole thing. We were so bored...I also have a cold, so it was probably good for me. Now it is all in my forehead, so I hope I can get over this soon because I hate being sick. But basically yesterday was pretty funny and if you would have watched what we did you would of thought that we had no lives. Haha, but that is mission life!

Our week has been great and slow.  Not to much happened this week, because we came home a few nights early so that I could go to bed so that I could get over this cold. It helped a little bit, but it just won't go away. One of our investigators tried to drop us this week, but you know that we would not let that happen...goodness. I hate when people do that, but we are getting her back on track and giving her some time to think and such. But after she called us and told us that she just couldn't read the Book of Mormon anymore because it just doesn't work for her, I hung up. I just started to bawl. I had no idea what to do or how to help her, so I just prayed for like 20 minutes and Sister Rushton and I talked about it. She came to church on Sunday like she always does and talked to our Ward Mission Leader. She opened up to him and he filled us in. I know that she will basically be Okay. She has a strong testimony and we hope to see her moving and acting upon her faith soon! :) That was a definite answer to our prayers.

We also went and saw a recent convert and it was a good lesson. We helped her set up mouse traps......that was hilarious. Sister Rushton and I are such babies. Haha, but we figured it out and still have all our fingers.

Another great experience this week. A member came out with us and we really didn't have any set plans, but we made a list of people we wanted to stop by and we did. we ended up being invited into an investigators home. We had a lesson with her. The member that came with us was so awesome and helped us so much! She created this beautiful relationship with her and she opened up to her. We are excited to see where things will go. The investigator is such a great person and is slowly letting us into her heart! :) So that is so exciting!

We had a Zone meeting this week and guess who showed up? President Wilson! Haha, it was great and very unexpected! It always is so good to have his presence in our meeting and for him to bring such a strong spirit. We also get to see him again this week at our zone conference, so that will be fun! I just love him!

These are basically the highlights of the week. I have been feeling a bit stressed this week trying to plan what we are doing. It's okay though, because I know I am trying my best and that is all that matters.......

I love mom, that you were told that the long term Brazil Visa waiters were going to have a 2 week refresher language course at the MTC when the Visa comes.  Sounds like it may even be at the Brazil MTC!!! That makes me feel so much better because I feel I have lost so much of the language.

I am excited for Ryan and Ty. Both graduating, Ryan from BYU and looking for a real grownup job and Ty graduating from High School. I still can't believe my baby brother will be 18 years old this week! So many crazy thing happening...without me...Haha but that is okay because in 9 short months I will be home. Can you believe it? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ALL!!

I have been thinking a bit about what I want to do in college when I get back to BYUI. I definitely think I want to get back to dancing. I just don't have a clue what I want to do with the rest of my life....but that is okay! I have plenty of time to figure that out. I am so excited for Ty to go to college before his mission even if it is only for the summer. I will miss seeing him by probably 4 short months.  It's ok Missions are the best! College really teaches you a lot about being on your own and companions (roommates). I am thankful I had those experiences before coming out on my mission.

I love my companion to much and I also love this area!!! :) I feel there is definitely a reason why I am still here and I have work to do.........

Love you all and have a good week! :)

Sister Siepert :)

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