Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

I did have a good birthday and I loved all the birthday wishes! I have to say the best birthday present wasn't a present at all:) (Cheesy I know) But we had a crazy, miracle happen. Our investigators C and B came to church with their mom and dad and three cute younger siblings. They Came! Sister Rushton and I sang with them in sacrament meeting.  We sang "Teach me to walk in the light". They sang the first verse and we sang the second verse then we all sang the third verse together. Nothing to complicated but it was soooo good. They did soooo good! The spirit was so strong  and it was so awesome to see them all taking the sacrament together all dressed up. They we all glowing when they left, the mom mostly. She wants to be sealed to her husband so bad, but he is not interested in the church and his father is a pastor of another church. They talked about coming again even if their dad will not come. Yay!! It was such amazing opportunity and it was great how much the ward supported them. They all were so nice and kind to them. They all said hello and made them feel like they belonged. It was really a dream come true moment! :) Oh and funny thing was that after we sang, when we were walking back to our seats B says, "They didn't even clap for us". Hahahahaha, Heavenly Father sure does love them and loves us too!

Saturday we spent the whole day with the training sisters. They helped us out with the new planning guidelines because the mission department just came to our mission and introduced some new things.They are mostly a new way/better way to do things. It was great I got to talk to Sister Romney (my old companion). She helped me a lot. The last few weeks have been a bit rough for me. I have the best companion, she has helped me so much too! It is so cool how everything is such an inspiration even companionships! Sister Rushton is such a blessing to me!

Even when things are hard Heavenly Father blesses us with funny moments. One night while we were planning I looked down and there was a spider and we screamed. Then we ran back and looked by the front door and there was another spider and it was HUGE! When I say huge I mean HUGE! I have a picture and will send that to we are screaming and jump on our coffee table and were fighting over who is going to kill it. Well, while fighting over who was going to kill it, we lost BOTH of them. So we cried and got the mop and we were pushing the couches with the mop and the mop broke. we then got a little more brave and go over to the shoes and look in them. Sister Rushton shakes my boot and the HUGE SPIDER COMES OUT OF MY BOOT!!!  The I start spearing it the broken mop and I hit it probably like for 5 minutes because I was not going to let that thing live! We killed three more spiders that night and our spider count is now up to 6. Yes it is so gross! But it was a funny moment that I needed because Heavenly Father loves me! :) Haha, we now call the mop the spider spear and my Companion calls me the Spider Slayer. :)
Devil Spider!

My Birthday was good and we had a mini birthday party in the morning for our studies and I opened my presents. I LOVED THE BLANKET!! What a great idea! I also loved the new clothes. Mom you did good! It was a good birthday and had a good birthday dinner at the A's house. They are AWESOME!! So that was really fun and spent the night with some members and finished planning. Yesterday was great! Kind of didn't feel like my birthday, but it was okay because it was like it didn't really matter all that much:) I love being a missionary because those things that used to matter so much don't really matter anymore!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. I am staying another transfer and so is Sister Rushton! Yay! We are both so excited! Oh they changed the way they tell us about transfers. They now call us on Saturday nights and then the transfer happens on Tuesday. I like it way better!!  But yes six more weeks in good Ol' Goochland! I am really happy about that! :)

Love you! :)
-Sister Siepert
 Happy Birthday to me!
This picture makes me so HAPPY! My sister emailed this to me! My niece Kaylee and I in matching shirts!

 My Birthday blanket from my family!

Sweet Sister Rushton and Me:) Love her!

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